Ever since NBA 2K series started, each year, we have seen quite significant updates to the game, making it more and more realistic each year. With each update, and making both movements and animations a lot of realistic, it is also reasonable for the game to get a bit more trickier and challenging for the community.

So, whether you are completely new to NBA 2K or are looking to familiarise yourself with the updated mechanics of how to shoot perfect in NBA 2K21, in today’s article, that is exactly what we are going to cover.

The Basics of Shooting in NBA 2K21

If you are a complete beginner, below you will find everything that you need to know when it comes to putting the ball in the basked every time. If you are on PS4, you must hold and release release the square button. If you are on Xbox One, you must do the same with the X button, or pull back and release the right thumbstick.

When you begin holding either square or X, depending on your platform, you will notice a shot meter bar that pops up right next to your slyer. What you want to do is fill it up until it begins to flash green. Then, you can let go. This way, you will hit perfect green shots in NBA 2k21. However, this often doesn’t mean that you can score if you don’t go ‘green’. But, typically speaking, the fuller the bar is, the more of a chance you have of scoring the ball in the basket.

Like everything, practice makes perfect so make sure that you practice your shooting, and eventually, it should all come natural to you.

How to Shoot Perfect in NBA 2K21

If you are a seasoned player, you have probably mastered shooting in NBA 2K20, and are trying to find out what has changed, and whether you can simply transfer your skills over. To be quite honest, the answer to this is both yes and no.

Shooting hasn’t changed a whole lot in NBA 2K21, but as with every new game, animations, shooting, and the whole game as a whole gets closer to reality, there are some shooting aspects that have slightly altered.

For example, shooting is now a lot more realistic, and time sensitive & position sensitive, which makes shooting the perfect shot a lot harder. At the end of the day, in real life, professional NBA players can hardly score 5 or even 10 consecutive 3-pointers, so why should you be able to do that in the game?

With all that said, practice makes perfect, and so, that is what you should do if you want to shoot perfect in NBA 2K21. Eventually, it will all come naturally to you just like in the older editions of the game.

Shooting Tips in NBA 2K21

Beyond some of the information from above, here are some very important tips when it comes to being successful with most of your shots in NBA 2K21

Pick Your Player

Like in any game, you cannot expect each player to perform to the best at any given position. So, choosing the right player that you can use to execute all of your shots with will grant you a better chance for succeeding.

For example, you should try and limit your choices of using a defending player to strike your shots as their strengths are elsewhere, hence why they are a defender.

Know the Hot Zones

If you don’t already know, each player has their own ‘hot zones’, which are based on how the player performs in real life. If you want to be successful with a particular player, you must earn where their individual hot spots are, particularly those from three-point range.

Moreover, the higher the rating of a player, the more hot spots they will have. For example, Steph Curry; he is arguably one of the best ever three-point shooters, and for that, he has a lot of ‘hot zones’ all over the court.