Year after year, the 2K franchise expands and upgrades the dribbles in each edition of NBA. So, in today’s article, we will take a look and explore the different dribbles that you can take advantage of when you play NBA 2K21. More specifically, we will put an emphasis on the most useful dribbles, at least in our opinion, and teach you how to complete each one.

Beyond that, for the new players to the 2K franchise, we will go over the benefits of dribbling in NBA 2K21, and how dribbling has changes in this years edition as compared to previous version of NBA 2K. If you have played previous version of the game, you should also stick around to see what is different and whether or not you can transfer your skills to the most recent version of the game.

Best Dribble Moves in NBA 2K21

After much debate, we have decided to settle on a couple of dribbling moves that you absolutely must learn if you desire to be successful and win a bigger chunk of your matches.

1) Crossover: In order to execute this move, move the right thumbstick and then quickly release it when dribbling with the right hand.

2) Between Legs Cross: To achieve this move properly, you need to move the right thumbstick down left then quickly release it when your play is dribbling with the right hand.

3) Behind the Back: You must move the right thumbstick down and then quickly release it.

4) Spin: Rotate the right thumbstick clockwise and then quickly release it when dribbling with the right hand.

5) Half spin: Rotate the right thumbstick in a quarter-circle from right to up and then quickly release it when your player is dribbling with the right hand.

Note: Any of these might be a bit hard to execute at the start, however, be sure to practice them in order to make sure that you know exactly what you are doing when you are playing in an actual game.

Benefits of Dribbling in NBA 2K21

Knowing how to dribble in NBA 2K21 will give you the opportunity to quite simply outplay any of your opponents and score from situations from which you quite simply wouldn’t have had the chance to. The better you get at dribbling and the different dribbling moves, the more you can use the individual moves to gain a competitive advantage over your opponent.

Here are some of the advantages of dribbling in NBA 2K21:

  • Bypass defenders with ease when making use of the right moves at the right moment.
  • Get out of tricky situations using moves that your opponent does not expect.
  • Outplay your opponent and open up scoring opportunities from nothing.
  • Besides any of the above, you can make your game play a lot more exciting and interesting.

How Has Dribbling Changed in 2K21

As you may already know, with each year, NBA 2K developers make sure that the game get closer and closer to real life basketball with aspects ranging from movements to animations. With this, the game is likely to change mechanically, leaving many players from the community surprised when they play the game for the very first time.

So, how has dribbling in NBA 2K21 changed? The only notable change that we could say for sure is that the movement of the players is slightly slower, more thorough and accurate, which ultimately makes dribbling a bit more challenging. However, this certainly doesn’t mean that you cannot be as good or even better than older version of the game.