This will be a short and snappy guide on how to change camera in NBA 2K21.

There are multiple camera angles available and each of them is adjustable to the player’s preference and taste.

Even after choosing a camera angle, you can adjust it even further by increasing or decreasing the zoom and height of the specific camera angle.

Where to Change Camera Settings

It is easy to find the camera settings. First, open up the game menu by pressing the options. You can see right away that there is a camera tab available and that is where you can change the camera settings. It is also possible to change the camera settings in the 2K main menu.

Camera Angles Available

Broadcast low

Broadcast Low Angle

This is the default NBA 2K camera angle and is one of the first angles ever in the 2K series. It is mirrored over the broadcast table’s view over the game and has over 3 different styles of broadcast to choose from.


Drive Angle

The drive is a simple camera angle that focuses more on the middle of the court and more on the player. It is also quite similar to the player lock angle but does not follow the ball for the camera angle.


High Angle

High is one of those camera angles mainly seen as a prop in NBA Dunk Contests. It is a more common camera angle and it is quite similar to the 2K angle used in MyPlayer or MyCareer. The only difference is that the camera has a different way of switching angles if the possession turns to the other team.

Player Lock

Player Lock Angle

Player Lock is a unique camera angle that locks to the current player you are controlling. It might make you woozy but if you are used to it, it can be quite entertaining.


Side Angle

This is an angle that is like the broadcaster’s view but removes the courtside seats and fans to the camera. It is more focused and it is just above the player’s head in an overhead view from the side.


Skybox Angle

The skybox is exactly what it is. It is the view from the VIP fans on top of the stadium which is a higher camera angle than ‘high’.


2K Angle

This is the main camera angle used for MyPlayer and MyCareer. It switches the camera in a unique style every time the possession is switched. There are 3 different styles for the 2K angle which are all adjustable zooms from low, normal and high.


There are even more angles available in the game for you to try that is not mentioned in this article. You can try each of the camera angles and get used to the one you prefer. Remember, you can even adjust each of these camera angles by its zoom, height, key zoom, reverse angle, auto flip, fix height and flip-style. You can have fun with numerous possibilities of angles and you can even add your own sense of realism with a player lock and increased zoom. Make sure to check this realistic slider guide if you do choose to try it.