As the NBA 2K franchise develops and becomes more realistic each year, the mechanics of each post movement are also expected to change and become slightly more challenging. Thus, we are writing this article today to give you a hand and show you not only what is changing in NBA 2K21 in terms of post moves, but also how to execute each one with precision, to maximize the efficiency of the skills.

We will solely focus on the most effective post moves, so that you can get a hold of them early on and increase your chances of scoring points from pretty much anywhere on the court. Obviously, with an emphasis on post moves.

Most Effective Post Moves in NBA 2K21

Below, we are going to explore the most effective post moves out of the lot. Right under each one, we will give you a tip on executing the relevant move correctly.

PivotIn order to execute the Pivot move, you must hold the LT Button and then move the Left Thumbstick in any direction.
Driving Towards The LaneIf you want to drive towards the lane with the goal of luring in players with you and open up the court, then be sure to hold the LT button, and proceed to hold RT and the Left Thumbstick towards the lane. Then, release LT.
DropstepIn order to execute the Dropstep move properly, hold the LT Button while holding the Left Thumbstick to the left or the right towards the hoop. Then, tap X or Square.
Driving Towards The BaselineTo execute the drive towards the baseline, hold the LT button, then proceed to hold RT and the Left Thumbstick towards the baseline and then let go of LT.
How to SpinHolt the LT Button and then rotate the right thumbstick to either side.
How to StepbackIn order to execute the stepback move, hold down the LT Button and then hold the RT Button and press the Right Thumbstick to the left side, right, up, or down. What Stepback your character performs will depend on where you move the Right Thumbstick.
How to BackdownWhile you are holding down the LT Button, proceed to hold the RT Button and the Left Thumbstick towards the defender you are trying to get past.
How to Hook ShootWhile holding down LT, rotate the Right Thumbstick up and then to the left or rotate it up and to the right.
How to FadeawayIn order to execute the Fadeaway move properly, hold the LT Button, and while you are doing that, hold the Right Thumbstick away from the hoop.
How to Up and UnderFor the Up and Under, which is one of the most popular moves in NBA 2K21, hold the LT Button, and use the Right Thumbstick to pump fake. Then, let go of the LT Button and proceed to hold the Right Thumbstick towards the hoop before the pump fake finishes.
How to Dunk in PostDunking in NBA 2K21 is a very satisfying and widely utilized move. In order to execute it correctly, while you are holding down the LT Button, hold the RT Button, and then press the Right and Left Thumbsticks upwards.

Benefits of Post Moves in NBA 2K21

Knowing how to successfully execute post moves in NBA 2K21 will be of a huge advantage to you, especially when it comes to scoring from crucial position in critical situation. At the end, the 2 pointers you score from post moves will total up for quite a significant number of your total score at the end of each game.

So, when it comes to the benefits of executing post moves, please take a look below:

  • The more post moves you know, the more opportunities you will have to score 2 pointers and rack up points from pretty much every situation.
  • You can easily get out of tricky situations where you may lose the ball.
  • Can easily “open up” the court by luring in opponent players. One of the best post moves for this is the “Driving Towards The Baseline”.

How Have Post Moves Changed in 2K21

How Have Post Moves Changed in 2K21

Fundamentally speaking, nothing has really changed in NBA 2K21 as compared to the franchises’ older editions of the game. However, what has changed is the cinematics as well as the mechanics of the post moves. Not so much in terms of controls, but rather, more in terms of timing each of the moves in order to execute them with maximum efficiency.

If you are only just starting out with NBA 2K21, moving forward from previous versions of the game, you will see how the post moves feel slower, and more sloppy. This can be seen as both a good and a bad thing. In our opinion, it just makes the game a little bit more challenging and realistic, which at the end of the day, is what every game is trying to achieve. With practice, you will quickly learn each of the moves and how to execute them perfectly.