Gathering tools are always a must-have for every explorer out there. Right at the start of the game, you should already have all the harvesting tools needed to get every resource in the game.

This is because you should be leveling them right away while progressing. Since the Harvesting Sickle is not included in the tutorial quests, you will still need to find one.

This short guide will show you where to get a Harvesting Sickle in New World and other things you should know such as upgrades and crafting.

What is a Harvesting Sickle Used For?

For a completely new player, you are already harvesting things such as berries and bushes without using a Sickle. At a certain point, your harvesting skill will be halted since you need a Harvesting Sickle to harvest the other plants.

The main use of a Harvesting Sickle is to get these plants and upgrading it will increase the speed of harvesting each node. You can get by without upgrading your Harvesting Sickle but it will be insanely inefficient.

Not to mention the decaying durability of gathering tools. You will need to replace them frequently if you are looking to harvest thousands of plants.

How to Craft a Harvesting Sickle

To craft a Harvesting Sickle, you will need to go to a settlement’s Workshop or a campfire. This Workshop will be the main crafting area for Engineering crafters. You will need the following materials to craft the most basic Harvesting Sickle.

  • Flint x1
  • Green Wood x1

The materials are simple for the Flint Harvesting Sickle so craft it immediately before you get to more high-level areas. To become more efficient when leveling up your harvesting skills, upgrade them every time you have the materials to craft the next tier.

How to Upgrade a Harvesting Sickle

Technically, you will not be upgrading your previous Harvesting Sickle to a better one. You will be crafting a brand new one.

The tiers for Harvesting Sickles are as follows.

  1. Flint Harvesting Sickle
  2. Iron Harvesting Sickle
  3. Steel Harvesting Sickle
  4. Starmetal Harvesting Sickle
  5. Orichalcum Harvesting Sickle

The materials for each are easy to remember. Aside from the Flint Harvesting Sickle that only requires a single Flint and a piece of Green Wood, the other tiers will require Coarse Leather, Timber, and the corresponding tier of metal.

A Steel Harvesting Sickle will require Steel Ingots, Coarse Leather, and Timber. The Starmetal will require Starmetal Ingots, Coarse Leather, and Timber. Each tier will require the same type of materials but in higher amounts of the corresponding tier of metal.

Is it Worth Upgrading Your Harvesting Sickle?

Since you might be focused on leveling up your harvesting skills, you might not have access to the high-tier metals to craft these upgraded Harvesting Sickles. The trading post is there to help explorers out with this.

The problem will be the prices of these materials and your Engineering skill. To take advantage of this, you should look up the price of the Harvesting Sickle you are looking for and compare it to the price of crafting it yourself.

Usually, it will be slightly more expensive to buy the tool than the materials to craft since you need to leveling up your Engineering to get them in the first place.

If it is not that overpriced and you are planning to farm a ton of plants such as Silkweed, Blightroot, Lifeblooms, Tanglewisps, and other high-level plants, you might get the return on investment quickly. It will save you a ton of time and in return, harvest more plants.

Since players are also looking to harvest plants, you can beat them to the punch by harvesting them quickly. Plant nodes are usually close to each other and the faster you harvest them, the less time they have to steal the other node.