If you’re getting into New World and you’re doing the beginner quests, you’ll get to the stage where you need to mine boulders.

Mining boulders in New World will require you to have two things; a Pick Axe…and boulders.

The Pick Axe is easy to get — if you’ve got to the stage where you’re needing to mine boulders for a quest then you should have already completed a quest that gives you a Pick Axe as a reward.

If you haven’t done any quests yet and you’re just looking to start mining for the fun of it — maybe you’ve always loved mining in Runescape or similar — then the best way to get your hands on a Pick Axe is just to do the quests. It only takes 10-15 minutes of running back and forward whilst being guided by arrows the whole way and you’ll have one for free, so it’s worth doing.

The hardest part about this task is that plenty of people can’t seem to find where the boulders are in New World. And this makes sense, especially when you’re looking from a questing perspective.

For all of the beginner quests, the game points you where you need to go. That is, until you need to start mining and also collecting iron ore or finding feathers.

When you get to this stage, the game starts to let you figure things out (just a little bit) for yourself. It’s on you to find the boulders. Well, by landing on this guide you found the next best thing as we’ll tell you where they are.

Get to Windsward

The first thing you’ll want to do is make sure you’re in Windsward. Pull up your map if needed.

This part should be very easy as there’s a very high chance that you’ll already be in Windsward, so you won’t need to travel too far (or anywhere at all).

Note: There will be plenty of other places to find boulders in the game but this is the nearest location to the starting quests and in my opinion, the best place to mine stone in New World.

Head South of the Settlement

Again following the map, head South until your arrow is in the same place that mine is on the image below.

map for boulders

If you need a slightly more zoomed in image, it’s here, right on the east side of the dotted lined area on the map, but still in the lighter green section:

boulders zoomed

As you come out of the Settlement area, you’ll go past all of the campfires and then you should find boulders literally right in front of you in the bushes.

Go Into the Bushes by the Campfires

camp fires 1

As long as you have a Pick Axe equipped, you’ll be able to walk over to a range of New World boulders within the bushy areas and long grass and you should see a command saying press ‘E’ to mine it.

Press the e button on your keyboard and it will automatically mine until completed.

Mining boulders in New World

Once the circle finishes orbiting the boulder will temporarily disappear — it will respawn again after a little while — and you will collect your stone and mining XP.

stone collected 1

And that’s it! Once you find the best place to mine boulders in New World, the headache is over, it really was simple after all.