You will be cutting down a lot of trees in New World, especially if you decide to make your own furniture for your house.

Making arrows, certain tools, and other items will require a lot of wood of different types, so you will be spending quite some time swinging an axe in this game.

A good tool makes a huge difference since tools change how fast you can execute an activity. They also break after a while.

A better logging axe means less timing cutting down trees, and it most likely also means that your axe won’t break every two hours.

So if your axe keeps breaking and you want to cut trees at a much faster pace, you’re in luck. This guide is going to show you how to get a better logging axe in New World.

Buy a Better One at a Trading Post

That is the usual advice for when you need something new.

In case you are making a lot of gold from your fishing, harvesting, or questing, buying a new axe might be the easiest way to get a better tool.

Iron is not a rare resource, and usually, there are many Iron Logging Axes for sale on the Trading Post. They should be pretty cheap, even if they are uncommon.

You can also try looking for a logging axe that has a better Gather Speed for a little more gold. An Iron Axe with a special perk will make a significant difference in your logging experience if you are using a Flint Logging Axe.

Craft a Better Logging Axe

Crafting a Flint Logging Axe is quite easy, but the tool is also quite bad. It isn’t that hard to find the needed ingredients to make yourself a decent Iron Axe, though.

In order to make your own Iron Axe, you will first need to get some Iron Ingots, and if you don’t want to spend gold on it — which you shouldn’t, really — you are gonna have to start mining, so you better know where to find Iron Ore in New World.

These are the needed ingredients for making the Iron Logging Axe:

  • 3 Timbers
  • 2 Coarse Leather
  • 12 Iron Ingots

Iron Ingots can be made from Iron Ore, Coarse Leather from Rawhide, and Timbers from Green Wood. At this point of the game, you should already know how to find rawhide and where to get Green Wood in New World, but if you don’t, you need to do that first.

After that, all you need is to find a workshop with your crafting items and make a new and better logging axe.

Please note that items made out of better materials, such as Steel Logging Axes, might have a higher Engineering skill level requirement to be made. In the case of the Iron Logging Axe, there’s no Engineering level requirement.

Even Better Logging Axes

At some point, if you keep crafting and mining, a better logging axe will be made necessary for you. Certain trees take way too long to be cut down, besides requiring a high Logging level.

You should learn how to level up your Logging Skills fast in New World if you don’t want to take long to start crafting the finest items in the game.

Better logging axes require better wood and better metal. You will also need a higher Engineering level, which means that the game incentivizes you to make several different items, including many of the same, just to make slightly better Axes grind your Engineering.

Also, remember that you can salvage the weapons and tools you just made for repair parts and to get part of the ingredients back, making you able to craft a few more items. You can also try to sell them at a Trading Post.

If you intend to sell Iron Tools, I’d recommend you try that at starting Settlements since they will have more low level players, most likely.

Final Thoughts

Better Logging Axes can provide extra durability, higher chances of finding rare items, and even speed up your logging, which can help you level up Logging much faster.

You can buy logging axes at Trading Posts in any settlement, but crafting is the best way to get a better logging axe. That way, you can level up your Engineering skills to make even better tools without spending your gold.

Another advantage of crafting your logging axe is that doing so makes you gather other items, leveling up other gathering and crafting skills as well.