Logging might be the most effortless gathering skill to level up in New World because of how abundant the resources are — trees, basically.

You’ll see trees everywhere you go, but it does take a long time to chop them down. This does give the benefit of being able to zone out whilst you do it, but it also means it takes a long time to level.

In this New World logging leveling guide, I’ll show you the fastest way to level Logging in New World, making sure you’re spending your time the most efficiently. This means in the best locations, using the best equipment, and chopping down the best trees in terms of speed and XP at your level.

You’ll need to level up your Logging if you want to make it an efficient money maker.

Whilst Logging isn’t as profitable as Mining or Skinning, you can make a decent profit if you focus on the wood types that are in demand at the Trading Post.

We’ll also show you the best Logging farming routes later on in this guide. Let’s get started.

How to Level Up Logging Skills

To level up your logging skills, you will need to chop down trees. For the fastest way, you always want to chop the highest level tree you can. When starting from scratch (1 logging skill), you will go for Young Trees until you reach 50 logging skills. You can follow the table below.

TreeLogging Skill RequirementReward
Young Tree1Green Wood
Mature Tree50Aged Wood
Wyrdwood Tree100Wyrdwood
Ironwood Tree175Ironwood

Every time you chop down a tree, you will gain logging skills even when you are way past the logging skill requirement. For example, you will still gain the same amount of logging skills from chopping down a young tree even if you already have 110 logging skills.

However, your progression will become slower and slower, as the amount of logging skills you need to level up will grow exponentially. The best and fastest way to level up your logging skills is always to chop down the highest tree you can find.

If you pay attention to this while progressing, you will eventually reach a higher logging skill. It is best to increase your weight capacity every time you have the resources to do so.

How to Chop Down Trees Faster

Now that you have the basics down, it is time to improve and make it more efficient. There are a lot of ways you can chop down trees faster. If it takes you almost a minute to chop down a single tree (especially the Wyrdwood Tree), you are doing it wrong.

Getting a Better Logging Axe

The first thing you should do is get a better logging axe. Each type of Logging Axe has a different gathering speed. It goes Flint -> Iron -> Steel -> Starmetal -> Orichalcum.

Type of TreeLogging Axe Quality
Young TreeFlint or better
Mature TreeIron or better
Wyrdwood TreeSteel or better
Ironwood TreeStarmetal or better

The table above will show you the minimum requirement for efficiency purposes. If you try chopping down a Wyrdwood Tree with an Iron Logging Axe, it will take an extremely long time to bring chop it down. It is even worse with the Flint Logging Axe.

When you chop the Wyrdwood Tree with a Steel Logging Axe, it is still long, but the speed is decent enough. The quality in the table is essentially the minimum requirement to level up your logging skills efficiently.

If you do not have access to a better tool, you should stick to chopping down the lower-quality tree.

Aside from the material quality (Flint, Iron, Steel, Starmetal, and Orichalcum), the gathering speed of the Logging Axe also varies on the craft. You can sometimes get lucky and craft a Steel Logging Axe with a 290%+ gathering speed and a low requirement level to equip it.

You can also get unlucky and craft a Steel Logging Axe with only a 250% gathering speed and a high requirement level to equip it. When in doubt, you can go to the trading post and wait for a good Logging Axe to buy.

Each Logging Axe also has the chance to have bonus effects. You will be looking for the one that increases your logging skill gain for every chopped tree you chop down.

The next best thing would be the increased resources you get for each tree you chop down. Although these are just bonuses, it is best to get a cheap Logging Axe with the logging skill experience boost.

Attribute Bonuses

Attribute bonuses will also give you a slight boost to your logging gathering speed. The attribute that would provide a bonus to your logging speed will only be through Constitution. The bonuses are in the table below.

Required Constitution LevelLogging Bonuses
50+10% logging speed
200+10% logging speed
250+10% increase yield when logging
300+25% chance to chop down a tree in a single swing

Since Constitution is not a popular choice for any weapon builds except the tank, you will most likely struggle to obtain these bonuses. It is a bonus that you do not need to focus on, but it is also essential to know about it.

Whether they are a DPS or a healer, most of the players can achieve the first logging bonus. You can get this through either allocating more to Constitution or getting attribute bonuses from your gear.

As you reach a higher level, you can have a logging armor set that increases your Constitution to achieve the bonuses. If this option is available for you, it will be a highly efficient way of gathering resources from trees.

Gathering Buff – Territory Rewards

There is an additional gathering speed buff you can get on top of all the bonuses you have. This is increased through the territory rewards you receive from doing activities in a particular territory.

While the territory rewards are random, you can focus on areas with many resources before getting the gathering bonus. There are a lot of valuable territory rewards that help you, such as storing more items, reducing crafting fees and trading fees, increase territory standing, and a lot more.

This gathering speed buff will stack with everything else, including getting the territory reward repeatedly. With the perfect scenario, you can chop down high-level trees in under 3 seconds with all the stacking buffs.

Best Farming Routes

Logging skill 1-100

The best place to level up your logging skill from 1-100 will be near a settlement. While the picture above shows a location in Windsward, this applies to most settlements with trees nearby.

Logging will be the most accessible gathering skill to level up because of the number of trees available in the game. Go to the south of Windsward’s settlement and start chopping the nearest tree you can find.

There will be a combination of Mature and Young Trees in this area. Focus on the Young Trees from 1-50 logging skills.

Once you reach 50 logging skills, you can start chopping down Mature Trees in the area. As a helpful tip, even if you unlock the ability to chop Mature Trees, keep chopping Young Trees along the way too. You should have no downtime when you are leveling your logging skill from 1-100.

This will take you around 8+ hours of purely chopping down trees, but it will be faster if you upgrade your tool to an Iron Logging Axe after reaching 50 logging skills. You can even start equipping the Steel or Starmetal Logging Axe if you are way above your player level.

Every time your inventory gets full, you should go back to the settlement and deposit your resources. If your stash is full, sell them in the trading post.

Repeat the whole process until you reach 100 logging skills.

Logging skill 100-175

This is where things get a little more challenging. Wyrdwood Trees will be the next one you should be farming. There will be more than 12 Wyrdwood Tree spawns to the south of Bearclaw Pass. This is located in between Everfall and Windsward but slightly to the east.

Chop all of these down and proceed to the nearby Young and Mature Trees on the side. It might take a while before these Wyrdwood Trees respawn so you can start chopping down other trees while waiting.

Once they respawn, chop the Wyrdwood Trees again and cycle through this route. Depending on your weight capacity, you should finish two cycles before filling up your inventory.

At this point, you should have the Course Leather Bag to increase your weight capacity by 100. After two cycles, you should chop down trees on the way to the Everfall settlement.

Repeat the whole process until you reach your desired Logging skill. Unlocking the Ironwood Tree (175 logging skill) will be a long grind. You can alternate between doing quests before repeating this farming route.

It is also worth noting that a few Iron Vein nodes are in the middle of this route. You can choose to mine them to level up your mining skill as well. This might encumber you faster, though, so make sure to manage your inventory space before the next Wyrdwood Tree respawn.

For other areas, the Wyrdwood Trees are not that abundant. You can see a few spawns near the Eldergate and to the rocky cliffs of the Inkwell Cave. Since they are 500-600 meters apart, it will involve a lot of running for this farming route.

On the bright side, you will be near the Windsward settlement, making it easier to unload resources. You will be able to get Iron Ore, Saltpeter, Silver Ore, and Gold Ores in this area. It is an excellent mix of resources if you choose to be efficient with other trade and craft skills.

These Wyrdwood Trees are pretty easy to spot. They are too tall to miss. You can go on with your regular programming and chop these trees down every time you pass them by. Make sure you get Repair Parts before starting any farming route.

If your Logging Axe (except for the Flint Logging Axe) breaks, you will need Repair Parts to repair it.

Hopefully you’ve found this New World Logging guide helpful.