Feathers are easy to get but you will need a skinning knife tool to get them. As long as you’ve done a number of the beginner quests, you should already have a skinning knife at your disposal.

This article will show you where to get feathers in New World and where to find Turkeys in New World that spawn frequently.

You will also learn what these feathers are used for and why you should be farming them.

What Are Feathers Used For?

Crafting Ammunition – Arrows

Feather to Iron Arrow

Feathers are mainly used for crafting Arrows and you need a ton of them when using a bow as you can’t pick up the arrows you’ve already fired.

To craft arrows, you need more than just feathers so you need to farm a lot of materials to keep up with your ammunition consumption.

If you want to craft Iron Arrows, you need to know where to find Iron Ores and farm them. They are smelted into Iron Ingots which will be needed for the arrows. This would be good for farming Inkwell Wolves and finishing the Survival Tips quest in Inkwell Caves.

How to Get Feathers

Turkeys Map Location

Feathers are easy to get but only if you know where to get them.

You can farm feathers through defeating and skinning Turkeys. You might have encountered a few outside the Greenhaven settlement but they are rarely seen since a lot of people go in and out of this settlement.

If you look at the map location in the image above, this area has dozens of Turkeys roaming around. You can start farming them here and you just need to chase them all. It might seem annoying because they all want to run away once you get near.

Turkey Farming

The only way to get to those Turkeys that are running is to keep chasing them until they eventually stop — they will stop, trust me.

It should be easy and if you are using a bow, you should farm more of these as they are used for crafting arrows.

Just remember to skin these Turkeys every time and they should respawn fast if there are a lot of players farming them as well.


One of the best ways of leveling is by doing town missions on top of the main story quest. Include the faction’s missions and you are littered with objectives all around you.

Make sure to check the town board for missions every time and you can have 3 active missions at a time. You will encounter delivering feathers as a mission soon and you will need at least 45 of them to turn in. That may seem a lot and if you are also using the bow, you should really farm a lot of Turkeys when you are near the location mentioned above.