New World’s island is divided into territories, and each of them has several different important locations for players to travel through, explore, and find adventures.

Windsward is a territory on the Island of New World. It is known for seaside cliffs, rocky woodlands, and vast, abandoned farmlands.

Although players have a lot of freedom and things to do in New World, this is a video game, and it has rules. For instance, crafting cannot be done anywhere the player wants. There are proper places to do so.

In the starting area, players can only craft by the campfire in front of the Everfall Watchtower. But what about in Windsward? If you want to know where to craft in Windsward, this is the guide for you.

Finding a Place to Craft in Windsward

A Place to Craft

Windsward is an extensive territory, but it does have a hub where a lot of players go to store their items and craft, and the place is a settlement called Windsward Hamlet.

Unfortunately, crafting in Windsward is not as practical as it is in front of the Everfall tower. You must go to specific areas within the settlement in order to craft different things.

So depending on if you want to break stones, cook something, or make a weapon, there is a different place within Windsward Hamlet for you to do each of those.

You better have all the items you need when you are going to craft within your inventory.

However, carrying all the ingredients for crafting might be very demanding on your character, so you might want to know how to store your items in New World. That way, you can just take what you need when you’re about to craft and avoid having more than you can carry in your inventory.

The Forge

Here is where you can make your armors and weapons in Windsward.

As long as you have the ingredients, the recipes, and the required level in Weaponsmithing, you will be able to make weapons, shields, and armor here.

The Outfitting Station

If you worry more about looking good than being powerful — and why wouldn’t you, really? — then you’re looking for Windsward Outfitting Station.

This is the place to make leggings, amulets, hats, and other fashionable things to wear.

The Woodshop

If you want to turn your pieces of Green-Wood into something more useful, you need to go to the Woodshop.

This is the place to craft Timber, Lumber, Wyrdwood Planks, Fine Sandpaper, and so much more.

The Stonecutting Tablet

For stonecutting, breaking, and turning into something else, there’s Windsward Stonecutting Tablet.

You will not be making things here, except for stone blocks, most likely. However, there is a lot of stone cutting and gem cutting at the Stonecutting Tablet.

The Smelter

Refined metal is vital to make good weapons and decent armors, which is why you need a good smelter. Luckily, Windsward has one of those as well.

At Windsward’s Smelter, as long as you have the ingredients and needed skills, you can make Iron Ingots, Silver Ingots, Sand Flux, Obsidian Flux, and many other things.

The Workshop

Let’s not forget the Workshop. This is where you work in order to make the tools that you are going to use to work even more.

The Workshop is where you craft skinning knives, logging axes, harvesting sickles, and other things that you need to gather more ingredients for crafting.

It is also where you make firearms and bullets for them, so try to remember that if you run out of Iron Cartridges.

Weirdly, the place where you make bullets is the same place where you make furniture — and a bow if you want one.

The Arcane Repository

Arcane Repository

For those who are investing in Intelligence, we have the Arcane Repository.

At this place, you can make magic weapons such as gauntlets and staffs. However, there is so much more that can come out of this type of crafting.

Here, you are also able to craft potions of many kinds, elemental essence, corruption tincture, and so many other interesting, magic items.

The Loom

Here’s where you produce your Linens, your Sateens, Silk, and all that fancy fabric.

The Kitchen

And finally, the place you must go first to make something out of all those poor animals that you have taken down for no reason when roaming around between settlements.

The Kitchen is where you turn raw meat into something useful, like Pork, Travel Rations, or Energizing Rations.

With enough skills and ingredients, you can make fish bait, pasta, bread, and even — for some reason — you can also make items to dye items.

Is Windsward a Good Place to Craft?

A good place to craft

Windsward is as good of a place as any other that has crafting stations for you to do your work.

So far, it doesn’t seem that there is any specific advantage to craft that derives from a settlement. However, the advantages might come from Territory Standings.

Maybe you needed some wood and your gathering speed is better at Windsward, you might wanna take some of the stuff that you need from other storages and fast travel to a territory that is advantageous for you to collect the missing ingredients.

Do All Settlements Have Places To Craft?

Most likely, yes. At least so far, I have found places to craft in each one of them, although the places where you craft — such as the Outfitting Station or the Arcane Repository — are most likely positioned in a different way.

You just have to roam around until you find them. Make sure you have the items you need in order to craft the items you want.

Settlements have storage areas and fast travel fountains, so with time, you can carry the needed items from here to there is a much quicker way.

What Are The Advantages of Crafting?

There are many, to be honest. Players who are skilled in crafting will always make something out of random items that they encounter throughout the map.

They will be able to make weapons that are more effective instead of having to buy them. The same goes for armors since they can also be crafted.

In fact, almost everything that you can use in this game can be crafted, so you might wanna go ahead and start leveling up those skills.

Crafting also provides a very important advantage to players who are dedicated to it, a way to make their own cosmetics.

You can make your own clothes and dye them any way you want as long as you have the necessary skills and items. To some players — and that includes me — looking good is more important than having the strongest sword, and therefore, getting good at cooking is a must.

How Can I Find All Those Crafting Places?

The simplest way is to open your map once you are at the Windsward Hamlet. Just look in your map where the settlement is, and once you are there, zoom in until structures within the hamlet are revealed to you.

With that information, you can find each different place that you need in order to craft the items that you want.

You can do the same in each other settlements that you visit. That way, it will be much easier to locate Smelters, Stonecutting Tablets, Woodshops, or whatever else you need to make the item you want.

The More You Craft, The Better You Craft

It’s not only about leveling up and making better weapons. Crafting is very powerful in Amazon’s New World, and its progression is endless.

Also, the more you craft using Arcana and Cooking, the more efficient you are at crafting consumable items. For instance, you will have a chance of producing extra potions or tinctures when crafting.

Should I Craft?

It’s not like something you must, but you might be hindered if you do not craft at all in this game. That is because crafting was clearly designed to compliment the hacking and slashing sections of the game.

Crafting skill scan eventually produce items that are as good as the dropped ones. The items are often much, much better than the ones you will find from drops or quests.

Besides all the cosmetic changes, there are also the conveniences of not depending on drop or quest to get a decent weapon. On top of all that, making numerous, good consumable items go a long way in helping you and your party to go through a dangerous quest.

So it is not really just a side feature of the game to make you distracted, it actually rewards you for all the grinding and persistence to get good at a profession — or more than one if you want.

Final Thoughts

A Place to Craft2

If you are looking for a place to craft in Windsward, you can only do that within the settlement called Windsward Hamlet.

There really isn’t any difference between crafting there or in any other area, so the best reason to go to Windsward Hamlet is being already within this territory and looking for the nearest place to make something.