Woodworking is a refining trade skill that should be easier to master than the game’s other trade and gathering skills. Refining skills are solely dependent on your gathering, but you can also choose to buy the resources yourself by learning a couple of tricks.

You will be able to boost your Woodworking as fast as possible and never have to worry about your Logging skills exceeding your Woodworking skill.

In this guide, you will learn the fastest way to level up Woodworking in New World and craft all the materials you need, whether it is for epic weapons, furniture, or making profits.

What is Woodworking?

As mentioned before, Woodworking is a refining trade skill. It is solely meant to refine the logging resources you have collected to be used for crafting. While leveling it up might look simple, a few resources would be hard to acquire to level this up.

Once you start refining your resources, you will be able to craft useful and valuable items to use or to make money. The best example would be getting a better Fishing Rod. Upgrading it will help you level up your fishing faster.

Materials Needed for Woodworking

The materials needed will be easier than our Arcana guide. Since this is a refining trade skill, there are not many options available to increase your Woodworking.

Here is a list of things you need to keep track of

  • Green Wood
  • Aged Wood
  • Wyrdwood
  • Ironwood
  • Coarse Sandpaper
  • Tannin
  • Weak Solvent
  • Crossweave

All the resources listed will have a hand in increasing your Woodworking skills. The most notable ones are Green Wood and Coarse Sandpaper.

Even if Green Wood is the first resource you will start refining in Woodworking, you will still gain levels when you craft it. Since it is also essential to all the tiers related to Woodworking, you can always benefit from crafting Green Wood.

Green Wood turns to Timber which is needed to create Lumber for Aged Wood, and so on. Each tier will still need the essential resource (Green Wood) with every craft.

Chopping down Young Trees will always be beneficial regardless of your level in Woodworking or player level.

With regards to Coarse Sandpaper, it will be the supplementary material needed for all refining crafts after Timber. Coarse Sandpaper will be used to refine Lumber, Wyrdwood Planks, and Ironwood Planks.

You will need as much Coarse Sandpaper as you can when you want to level your Woodworking skill past 50.

Where You Should Gather Resources

You can mindlessly get the resources by following our fastest way to level up logging skills guide.

Since you would need as much Coarse Sandpaper as you gather Mature Trees and above, you will need to get Coarse Sandpaper from landmarks along the way.

This will alter your gathering routes to get some supply chests along the way. There are a few resources mentioned that will help you get Coarse Sandpaper as well.

Since not all supply chests contain Coarse Sandpaper, they can also have gear, Tannin, Weak Solvent, and Crossweave. You would be lucky to get all of the above.

However, these Tannin, Weak Solvent, and Crossweave can be turned to Coarse Sandpaper with the Common Material Converter from the faction shop.

It requires you to reach the Scrivener rank to purchase the Common Material Converter with Faction Tokens. It should help with your lack of Coarse Sandpaper to level your Woodworking.

What You Should Craft for Leveling

It would help if you always started by turning all the Green Wood you have into Timber. Focus on maximizing your basic resources to level first.

Every time you start chopping up trees to gather resources, you will consistently store your items in the nearest settlement. Even after refining all the Green Wood and Aged Wood you have, you will end up having a full inventory, and a full storage shed.

If that happens, keep refining all the things you have until you have the end product you cannot refine anymore. For example, you turned all your Green Wood to Timber. You will now use that Timber to refine Aged Wood to Lumber.

Lumber will be used with Wyrdwood to be refined into Wyrdwood Planks. During the refining process, you will eventually lack the resources to craft the next one. It will most likely be due to the lack of Coarse Sandpaper.

Once you reach that point, try to get more Coarse Sandpaper through the Common Material Converter. This is optional since Faction Tokens are limited and are quite valuable.

When you cannot refine any more materials to level your Woodworking, this is where you start selling in the Trading Post. You will notice that the raw or basic materials (Green Wood, Aged Wood, Wyrdwood, and Ironwood) are all cheaper than their end product (Timber, Lumber, Wyrdwood Planks, and Ironwood Planks).

This is why you would want to refine these materials first before clearing storage space to sell them. Of course, selling the Coarse Sandpaper will be more profitable, but you want to level up your Woodworking as efficiently as possible.

Getting the Coarse Sandpaper to refine your resources is crucial to making your hard work bear fruit. You are improving your profits while leveling your Woodworking at the same time.

Try to avoid selling the basic resources as much as possible. If you have no choice, since you want to clear up space, you can focus on gathering Young Trees for Green Wood.

This does not need any supplementary material like Coarse Sandpapers to do. It will slowly level up your Woodworking no matter how high your skill is.

Final Thoughts

To sum it all up, this Woodworking guide does not need any divided sections to level your skills up efficiently. Leveling your Woodworking from 1 to 50 should still have the same process in Woodworking 50 to 100 and 100 to 175. It just adds alternatives to make it a little faster.

You can even focus on just progressing through the game normally, and you will eventually reach your max Woodworking skill at some point. Just remember the helpful tips about the refining process and the Coarse Sandpaper to make it more efficient.