Mining is one of the activities you will have to do frequently to make yourself some better weapons, armor, and tools.

There are many different metals in New World, from Iron to Orichalcum, and their veins can also drop rare gems.

In order to make the most out of those mineral veins when gathering yourself some ore, you might want more efficient tools. Mining can take a while, and you will want to do it faster so you can level up your gathering skill and get even better metal.

So if you’re interested in knowing how to bet a better mining pick so you can mine faster and also increase your chances of getting gems, this is the guide for you.

Craft a Better Mining Pick

This is pretty much the best way to get a better mining pick. If you make your own mining pickaxe, you get to level up your Engineering craft skill while making better tools for yourself.

This is advantageous because it also how to get better logging axes in New World, or Fishing Poles, or any other tool for gathering resources. It might also save you a lot of gold too.

The first better Mining Pickaxe you are going to go for is the Iron Mining Pickaxe. That demands you know where to find Iron Ore in New World, so you can turn them in Iron Ingots.

You also need Green Wood, which you can get from any tree — as long as you have a Logging Axe — and you will need to how where to find Rawhide in New World, too, so you can turn it into Leather.

These are the materials you need to make an Iron Mining Pickaxe:

  • 3 Timbers
  • 2 Coarse Leather
  • 12 Iron Ingots

The rawhide must be turned into Leather at a Tannery, the Green Wood can be turned into Timber at a Woodshop, and the Iron Ore has to be melted at a Smelter to be turned into Iron Ingots.

You can also use Azoth to increase the chances of your newly crafted Mining Pickaxe having a perk.

After a while, you might have a high enough Engineering level to make Steel Mining Pickaxes or something even nicer.

Note that better mining picks will gather resources faster and last longer, but they are also most expensive to repair and harder to make.

In order to get Engineering to a high enough level, you will be making many tools that you might end up discarding eventually. This is normal. You just have to keep grinding the best possible tool for your level while salvaging the others.

This process will increase your level in Engineering, but it will also help you level up your Mining skill, which will help you to get the better minerals that are required to make the high level mining picks, such as the Starmetal Mining Pickaxe and the Orichalcum Mining Pickaxe.

Buying a Mining Pickaxe

This is an alternate solution for those who do not want to craft a mining pick or can’t for any reason.

Although I do not recommend buying all the tools you will be using, Iron tools are often relatively cheap. They are usually abundant in settlements near the starter areas.

So if you’re in a hurry and you don’t care much about leveling up your skills, and you just want to break some rocks and get that ore, just go to the Trading Post and see if you can find anything interesting there.

The Trading Post can do more for you than just be a place where you buy a tool when you can’t make one. You can use the Trading Post to sell all the tools you don’t want to use when you are trying to craft a better one.

You can also use the Trading Post to buy that one missing ingredient, like a Steel Ingot, Charcoal, or something else that you need to make a better mining tool.

Final Thoughts

Although better mining picks can be easily purchased if you only have a Flint Mining Pickaxe, we do not recommend you keep buying them. If you need to buy a tool, get an Iron one and start working on your crafting skills.

The better your tools get, the easier it becomes to gather the needed material to make even better tools. They will help you collect resources faster and even increase your chances of getting rare ingredients. 

Just keep in mind that with time, the ingredients will require higher levels of Gathering and Crafting skills, so you have to keep making new tools and items to be ready when you are finally able to make something out of Starmetal or Orichalcum.