Fastest Way to Level Up Mining Skills in New World

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The fastest way to level up mining skills in New World has different strategies involved. Since the game has multiple ways of acquiring experience points, you can be more efficient instead while increasing trade skills like mining.

This particular topic will cover mostly the method of how you gain mining skills and how you can use that as an advantage in multitasking. This will also show you all the ores you can gather and the requirements needed to be able to mine and track them.

How to Level Up Mining Skills

Boulders vs Ore Veins

With how gathering works, you have probably noticed that you are just receiving mining skill points every time you mine anything in the game. This includes the basic boulders which are found almost everywhere on the map.

The mining skill points you receive depend on the size of the boulder or vein which in return, makes it a lot longer for you to mine them. Even if you reach 3-4 ore tiers above the boulders, you are still gaining experience from it.

The problem lies where each mining skill level exponentially increases the number of points it takes to level up. In short, if you are leveling mining from 30 to 40, it might take you x5 longer than when you leveled it from 20 to 30 by mining boulders too.

So, what is the fastest way to level up mining skills? Well, it should be mining all the current tier level ores but, they are extremely scarce especially when you are playing during the peak hours.

This is because each vein disappears when another player successfully mines it. It takes a lot longer for these nodes to respawn compared to monsters respawning. Another mechanic you should know is that if another player stops mining, you can sneak in and continue their mining progress and reap the rewards.

Getting hit by a monster (or player if you are flagged for PvP) will cancel your mining action. If you continue it, you will retain the progress on when you stopped so it should be faster. Keep this in mind when you are mining high-value ores as someone might sneak in and steal it while you are busy.

For the ores available in the game, here is the list

ResourceGathering LevelTracking Level
Iron Ore025
Silver Ore1035
Gold Ore4570
Alchemy Stones5075

As you can see, there is a pattern on which ores can be efficiently mined for levels. You can literally mine boulders from 0 – 45 but leveling already starts getting hard at 30 for mining just boulders. To mine more efficiently based on the table, you need to go to the highest level of resources you can mine.

If you are at a 10 mining skill level, start going around Inkwell Caves and look for Silver Ores up until you reach 20 or 45. Mine everything along the way as boulders also get you mining skill points.

To put it into perspective, it took me around 10-20 minutes to get from 5 to 20 through mining boulders. It took around 3 hours to get from 20 to 45 through mining boulders as well.

Although it could be faster if you literally just focus on just mining boulders and veins, it is better to be efficient and have a variety of resources too.

The best way to level up mining is moving from highlands to highlands while finding caves and going to the top of the mountains. It is often overlooked but the top of the mountains contain a lot of high-value veins to be mined. There are times that you might get stuck while in the mountains so it would be best to know how to get unstuck when it happens.

If you are at mining level 30, you should start farming Silver Ores to Oil while getting all resources along the way. Once you are nearing mining 45 and 50, start heading to the Gold Ores and Alchemy Stones and farm every vein along the way.

If you are just starting from scratch, start going to where the Iron Ores are and mine them along with all the boulders nearby. They should be abundant at the lower-left section of Windsward on the highlands area.

You can open your map by pressing “M” and open the resource location tab on the left side of the map. This should show all the terrain and the resources that accompany them. This will make it a lot easier for you to choose which destination to go to and maybe do some quests along the way.

Leveling your trade skills while doing multiple missions and quests is one of the fastest ways to level up after all. It is just so efficient that you are hitting more than 3 birds with one stone.

Do not underestimate the amount of experience you get from gathering. When I started grinding by mining from level 30 to 45 through boulders and low-level veins, I got up one whole level by doing this alone and nothing else like quests and missions.

Getting Better Pickaxes or Mining Tools

The whole point of upgrading your tools is by speeding mining times by a slight margin. This might seem small but if you know that you are going for a hell of a ride grinding, this is extremely significant. It is best to keep upgrading your mining tools every time you have new resources available that can craft them.

The ores you are mining are the ones needed to upgrade the mining tools anyway. The better your ores, the better experience you get, the better your mining tools are. The durability of better tools makes this whole process less annoying to grind.

Gathering Territory Perks

Increases in gathering speed can be obtained through territory rewards. This is done by increasing your standing with the territory you are in by completing town missions consistently on cooldown.

This is another long and tedious grind but it would be wise to focus on one settlement that you have a decent gathering bonus on. This reward is stackable and you will see this reward show up multiple times when you get more territory rewards.

It is another slight buff but if you are farming thousands of ores, this is definitely worth it in the end for the same reason you are upgrading your mining tools. It all adds up when you mine hundreds or even thousands of ores as you grind it out.

Final Thoughts

The prices will most likely fluctuate as you progress into the game. Keep this in mind when grinding ores for profit. As you start playing the game, the more high levels there are in the game, the faster the low-level ores drop in value.

This heavily depends on the demand and if you want to make money off of leveling your mining skill, you should play the market carefully too.

When it comes to leveling your mining skill fast, you can prioritize efficiency over speed so you can cover most of the content in the game.

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  1. I tested yesterday and iron gives the same exp than silver or alchemy, and better exp (per second) than gold. I hadnt tried starmetal because didnt had the lv required, but until there, keeping on the abundant iron seems to be the most efficient way. (There is also a core material for town projects).