Although Tracking & Skinning is not the most effortless skill to level up in New World, it certainly is one of the easiest.

In order to get Tracking & Skinning points to level up this skill, you need to hunt animals and interact with their bodies to skin them, usually getting Raw Meat and Raw Hide from them.

There’s a lot to be gaining from skinning, and the craft items that come out of it can be both very useful to you and very profitable at Trading Posts.

There are also tracking advantages for having this skill at a higher level, even when you’re not actively hunting any animals.

In this New World skinning guide, we’re going to show you the fastest way to level up Tracking & Skinning in New World so you can quickly get all the advantages of having this skill at a higher level.

Leveling Up Tracking & Skinning

This skill limits the level of the animal that you can skin. It means that if you want to be able to rip the rewards of killing dangerous alligators and giant bears, you might want to have this skill at a decent level.

Besides that, Tracking & Skinning also helps you locate animals around you. Those who had to hunt bunnies without this skill at level 25 know exactly what I’m talking about since it can be very annoying to locate those little creatures.

It might also be hard to find Does and Dears since they can quickly move away from you as soon as you hit them, making it hard to hunt them when the forest is dense.

BeastTracking & Skinning Requirement to Track
Small Prey (Rabbits and Turkey)25
Medium Prey (Boars)50
Large Prey (Bison, Elk)75
Small Predators (Wolves)100
Large Predators (Alligators, Bears, and Lions)175

Best Places to Level Up Tracking & Skinning

This will depend on the level that you’re at, but there is a simple way to get your skill up to 75. To level up, you just have to keep hunting, defeating, and skinning those animals, but some places can be much more effective than others.

Two of the best ways to level up this skill are the Fury Bay — the Windsward beach region — and pretty much any low-level Wolf Den.

Don’t worry, though. We’re about to let you know what are the best farming spots for Tracking & Skinning in New World in the order you should visit them.

The Fury Bay

These animals are always a good option when you start to level up your Tracking & Skinning skill, so you might want to learn where to find boars in New World quickly.

Boars from Windsward are usually low-level near the beach, meaning that you should defeat them with at most a couple of hits. This allows you to quickly take them down and repeat the process just by walking around the nearby woods.

The same goes for any Wolf Den on the map. If your level is high enough to deal with level 6 wolves quickly, a Wolf Den might be even better cause it will constantly be spawning wolves and other animals like rabbits and ships nearby.

I was circling around the Midnight Den, and it was nearly impossible to avoid bumping into a level 6 wolf, so make sure to empty your inventory because you will be doing plenty of skinning if you go there.

Although it can be tedious if you’re doing it all by yourself, all that you will need to do to level up Tracking & Skinning is to hunt an animal, skin it, and repeat. Unfortunately, it might take quite a while for you to max up this skill.

The Cutlass Keys Region

Once you are at a high enough level, able to deal with level 26 predators, you might want to go to the Cutlass Keys region.

Around the mountains of Cutlass Keys, you will find Sierra Wild Cats. These predators might be a bit troublesome depending on your level, but they provide 451 points every time you skin one of them, making you level up your Tracking & Skinning skill really fast.

Please note that because they’re level 26 creatures, your skill must have your Tracking & Skinning skill at level 55 for you to be able to skin them.

The more you go to the Southwest, the more dangerous creatures you will find, like the Streaked Alligators, Leopards, and your goal here, the Lush Hunt Pointer in New World.

There are plenty of Lushhunt Pointers around Balmy Veldt, and they never seem to stop spawning.

These vicious hounds are level 34 creatures, so your Skinning & Tracking must be at level 70 for you to skin them. However, they grant you about 600 points.

These are the best creatures to skin and level up your skill until you reach maximum level, so once you can do it, stick around and keep doing it.

Final Thoughts

Leveling up gathering skills can be repetitive and tedious, but at least this New World skinning leveling guide will make it much faster for you. Chances are, you can make a lot of gold by selling all that hide you will have after doing all this.

Also, you might want to learn how to make light rations since you are probably going to have plenty of ingredients to make them after skinning so many animals.