Whether you’re looking to craft valuable gear or delicate jewelry, gold is a go-to metal in New World. Considering its versatility, it’s no wonder that the material is sought after by the majority of the players.

The challenge comes from the level you need to be for mining, as well as the amount of gold you’ll need, as you’ll most likely depend on some heavy farming to get enough for all the crafting skills you desire.

Even when you reach the right level, it’s not that simple to find the best New World gold ore locations that provide enough for the trip to be worth it. Still, if you put in the effort to get it, a lot of options open up.

This guide will show you where to find Gold Ore in New World including the multiple uses for farming it.

What Is Gold Ore Used For?

Aside from trading, the material is essential for crafting gold Ingots that can then be used to make higher quality mid-game and late-game gear.

The application of gold ingots is wide, with a wide range of items relying on precious metal for their recipes.

If you’re up to Tier 5 smelting, crafting Illustrious Platinum Ingots can’t be done without Gold Ores, but there are plenty of more easily attainable pieces of gear to make.

If you’re invested in Jewelcrafting, you’ll need at least 4 ingots for a single Gold Setting, but you’ll probably want to make a healthier supply, as other pieces such as Gold Chain and Gold Band need 6 ingots each.

Players more inclined to Weaponsmithing and Engineering also can’t make that much progress without it, as you also need 4 ingots as a base for many items like the Great Axe of the Colossal Breach or Musket of the Corrupted Guardian.

There are also some valuable Arcana items such as Arctic Dusk or Breach Hunter’s Fire Staff that need at least 4 Gold Ingots for the process. Gold Ingots are always good to have a lot if you want to level up Arcana skills too.

Just make sure you know where to get Iron Ores too. These two are always needed for crafting and smelting.

Where to Get Gold Ores

As we mentioned, you need to mine for Gold Ore at the Gold Veins with a minimum level 45 in mining skill to gather the material, while you can track it from level 70.

If you are looking to get this up, using the best New World gold mining route is the fastest way to level up mining skills.

The veins are also worth looking for as they could produce Tier II & III Raw Gemstones, as well as Sparkmetal depending on your Miner’s Luck.

Smaller deposits are usually located in mining areas but are usually found in and or around caves that are often guarded by different beasts.

As for the respawn timers, they are set between 10 and 15 minutes. This is good to know if you are setting up farming routes. Since you know that each spawn has a specific and permanent location, you can easily customize your own Gold Ore farming route.

Even though gold ore can be found throughout most regions of the New World, UI can seem a bit vague so it’s not that simple to spot the veins right away. Some of the most notable spots for mining so far include Brightwood, Everfall, Monarch’s Bluffs, Windsward and First Light.

Best Gold Ore Farming Spots

Depending on the stage you’re at, multiple areas can be worth going through in your search for gold.

If you’re looking to get mine some ore while you’re at a lower level, Cutlass Keys is one of your best options. You can find gold veins along ridges and cliffs south of the town, but be careful as there are still a few monsters there, as well as the Lost that you’ll have to deal with.

A decent amount of gold ore for lower levels can also be found east of the Monarch’s Bluff Town, with only a level 8 Aberration to guard it. You can also get some supplies north of Brightwood Town.

When you get some more levels, traveling east can be quite rewarding. Even though it can get challenging, Great Cleave has a great concentration of Gold Veins, making it one of the top locations for farming gold ore.

As you level up, it would be a good idea to travel to Defiler Excavation, as well as The Congregation Cave that’s near the border of Reekwater, as the two locations provide both a challenge and a good amount of the precious ore.