Derived from Tanglewisp Fungus, this Tier II magical reagent is a common but popular crafting material, that can drop along with multiple other items including a Life Reagent.

This can drop Mushroom (Tier 1), Glowing Mushroom Cap (Tier 2), Fungal Slime (Tier 3), Fungal Spores (Tier 3), Mushroom Fins (Tier 3), and Toadstool Fringe (Tier 3).

The same as with other resources in this group, they can be useful in a couple of ways that make roaming around and gathering them worthwhile.

This guide will show you where to get Tanglewisps in New World easily and maybe include a few other useful resources as you farm them.

What Are Tanglewisps Used For?

There are two main applications of this resource in crafting, both useful in their own right based on your other items and skill set.

The first part of the appeal comes from the usage of Tanglewisps in various recipes for arcana concoctions, with the majority of them being potions.

You can apply them to create valuable items such as Strong Regeneration Potion and Infused Regeneration Potion, while also being a part of recipes for coatings like Infused Lost Coating or Strong Lost Coating depending on your skill level.

Another, maybe even more important application of the Tanglewisps is obtaining Blue Pigments through harvesting and using them for dyes. If you have cooking and/or furnishing skills, these can prove to be valuable in multiple ways.

Paired with all the uncommon items that you can get from a drop, Tanglewisps can be a valuable resource that can provide you with various crafting options and skill focuses.

Best Tanglewisps Farming Spots

There is a great area below Windsward and just beside the Eldergate, where you can find many different resources around the river, including multiple nodes of Tanglewisps.

This farming route is also our recommended way in how to level harvesting skills fast. The density of resources in this area is unmatched when it comes to this tier of resources as you can get a ton of Tanglewisps, Lifeblooms, Iron Ores, Oil, and even Spinefish Fins.

This should provide you with a sizable supply for various crafting needs. Going over this spot multiple times can both get you a lot of resources fairly efficiently, while also boosting your skills in the process.

This part of the map is rich with the blue fungus and it’s one of the only ones where you can collect it as there almost aren’t any nodes to be found in further parts of the New World.

Going north from First Light Town, halfway to Cutlass Keys Towns you can find some more nodes, as well as other resources such as Lifebloom.

There are even some Tanglewisps slightly west near the ridges if you’re in the mood for exploration, but your best bet is to look by the water, as multiple materials can appear there and it’s safer than most areas of this type you can come across.

You can also go across the river on the east from First Light Town, as there are some nodes scattered there as well, but this part can prove to be challenging if you wander too far as there are multiple tough monsters on the lookout as you go towards the south.