Amazon Games’ New World has many usual approaches to MMO RPGs, like the fetch quests. Others might not be as usual, like making it fairly easy to respec your Attribute Points.

It seems that the developers want players to explore their options and experiment with the many possible builds that the game makes possible.

Players take weeks, months, and sometimes years to completely figure out the best way to build a character, and it often ends up depending on the context. It is in the nature of huge games like this one.

The developers of Amazon Games chose not to make Attribute Points intimidating, which only makes the game less daunting and more fun for beginners and veterans of the genre alike.

So if you want to know how to respect your attributes in New World, just keep reading.

Refunding Your Attribute Points

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As mentioned above, refunding your attributes is quite easy in New World, and in fact, it costs nothing if you’re under Level 20.

This is probably part of the design philosophy adopted by the developers in order to make the game less intimidating for those who are new to the genre or even to this game itself.

So if you are under level 20, although you might want to learn how to level up faster in New World, you might as well feel relaxed about how you distribute your Attribute Points since there is a simple way to refund them.

This is what you need to do in order to respec your Attributes:

  1. Press K and click on the Attributes tab if you’re not there already
  2. At the bottom of the window, you will see a button that says “Respec”
  3. Click on the button. The game will tell you how much it costs to respec
  4. Distribute your Attributes Points again

If that sounds pretty simple, it’s because it is. That’s the beauty of it in New World. Now, please note that the game will charge you in gold every time you respect if your Character Level is 20 or higher.

Still, the cost is pretty low, and you can acquire that amount of gold by salvaging some unused weapons that you collect when exploring the World.

Either way, you might want to learn where is best to put your attribute points in New World if you don’t want to constantly spend gold to refund your points.

Final Thoughts

One must appreciate Amazon Games’ approach when it comes to player satisfaction in New World.

Attribute Points — especially in highly complex games like MMO RPGs — can be overwhelming to a new player.

The idea of ruining your character by putting a couple of points where you didn’t need sounds quite stressful once you think about it, and although most games will have a way for players to redistribute their attribute points, it’s rarely as easy as it is in New World.

So take advantage of how simple it is to refund your points, try different builds, different weapons, and if you don’t like how your build turns out, follow our guide to get your points back and try again.