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TL;DR: 48.7% of professional Valorant players used the Logitech G Pro X Superlight at VCT 2023: LOCK//IN.

Of all mice we’ve tested, the G Pro X Superlight is also our number one recommendation.

If you’re looking for the best mouse to play Valorant with then you can’t go too far wrong by looking at the mice that pro Valorant players use.

Below, you’ll find a full list of pro players and the mice they were using at the VCT 2023 LOCK//IN tournament. We found and verified their mouse usage ourselves by analyzing VOD and official photography for every match.

The Most-Used Mice at VCT LOCK//IN

The following mice were most used at 2023’s ‘Lock In’ tournament, ordered by popularity (minimum 3 players):

MousePlayer CountWeight*Wireless?Battery Life**
Logitech G Pro X Superlight7661gYes70 hours
Razer DeathAdder V3 Pro1863gYes90 hours
Vaxee XE1268gWired & wireless45-50 hours
Zowie EC (all models)1079-94gWired & wireless70 hours
Finalmouse Starlight (all sizes)442-47gYes160 hours
Razer Viper V2 Pro458.5gYes80 hours
Logitech G Pro Wireless380gYes60 hours
*Weight excluding cable if wired. **Battery life assumes 1000 Hz polling rate and competitive settings.

There were 6 players whose mice we were unable to identify due to a lack of footage and photography. Their status has not been included in mouse use calculations (156 players were used instead of 162).

The most-used mouse was the Logitech G Pro X Superlight by far.

Image: DiamondLobby

The G Pro X Superlight, available on Amazon and Logitech’s official store, is an ambidextrous mouse that most players choose for its light weight, comfort and reliability.

Whilst the Superlight’s HERO 25K sensor and 1000 Hz polling rate are outperformed by multiple mice in the market, this mouse is one of the lightest and most consistent that money can buy.

Its’ 61g weight is much closer to the lighter than the heavier end of the spectrum, with only the 42g-47g Finalmouse Starlight variants being substantially lighter than it in pro Valorant use. Many mice are much heavier, such as the 94g Zowie EC-1 or the 121g Logitech G502 Hero.

The Logitech G Pro X Superlight has all of the buttons you need in the places you need them, with nothing more. It’s comfortable for all grip types.

It doesn’t use the most modern technology like USB-C – instead opting for outdated microUSB – but is still the mouse of choice for the vast majority of professional esports players.

Interestingly, compared to CSGO player mouse usage, Valorant players were more willing to try out newer, high spec models from lesser-known mouse enthusiast brands. The Lamzu Atlantis and the G-Wolves Hati-M and HTS Plus models were all used by one player each.

In addition to this, players were more willing to use a variety of older mice too, including one player using the Logitech G502 and two players were using the Logitech G703 – one of my favorite mice of all time.

The Grand Final

In the Grand Final between Fnatic and LOUD, four players were using a Logitech G Pro X Superlight, which is to be expected, but four players were using a Razer DeathAdder V3 Pro and two were using a Vaxee XE.

The reason this is particularly interesting is because representation of the latter two mice was far greater in the finals than it was throughout the tournament.

40% of players in the final were using a DeathAdder V3 Pro.

This figure was only 11.5% in the tournament as a whole.

20% of players in the final were using a Vaxee XE yet this figure was just 7.7% for the tournament overall.

Maybe those players are on to something?

Full Player List

100 ThievesDerrekLogitechG Pro X Superlight
100 ThievesstellarLogitechG Pro X Superlight
100 ThievesbangLogitechG Pro X Superlight
100 ThievesCryocellsLogitechG Pro X Superlight
100 ThievesAsunaRazerDeathAdder V3 Pro
BBLAsLanM4shadoWLogitechG Pro X Superlight
BBLQutionerXLogitechG Pro X Superlight
BBLTurkoLogitechG Pro X Superlight
BBLBraveLogitechG Pro X Superlight
C9ZellsisLogitechG Pro X Superlight
C9yayLogitechG Pro X Superlight
DetonatioN FocusMexnfriLogitechG Pro X Superlight
DetonatioN FocusMeAnthemLogitechG Pro X Superlight
DetonatioN FocusMeSeoldamLogitechG Pro X Superlight
DetonatioN FocusMeReitaRazerDeathAdder V3 Pro
DetonatioN FocusMetakejVaxeeXE
DetonatioN FocusMeSuggestZOWIEEC
DRXstaxLogitechG Pro X Superlight
DRXRbLogitechG Pro X Superlight
DRXMaKoRazerDeathAdder V3 Pro
EDWARDHaodongLogitechG Pro X Superlight
EDWARDCHICHOOLogitechG Pro X Superlight
EDWARDSmoggyLogitechG Pro X Superlight
EDWARDnobodyRazerDeathAdder V3 Pro
EGjawgemoG-WolvesHTS Plus
EGC0MLogitechG Pro X Superlight
EGEthanSteelSeriesPrime Wired
FnaticBoasterLogitechG Pro X Superlight
FnaticDerkeLogitechG Pro X Superlight
FnaticAlfajerRazerDeathAdder V3 Pro
FnaticChronicleRazerDeathAdder V3 Pro
FnaticLeoRazerDeathAdder V3 Pro
FUNPLUSAAAAYLogitechG Pro X Superlight
FUNPLUSTZHLogitechG Pro X Superlight
FUNPLUSWudiYuChEnRazerViper V2 Pro
FURIAqckLogitechG Pro X Superlight
FURIAKhalilLogitechG Pro X Superlight
FURIAmwzeraLogitechG Pro X Superlight
FURIAdgzinRazerDeathAdder V3 Pro
FUTMrFaliNLogitechG Pro X Superlight
FUTmojjRazerDeathAdder V3 Pro
FUTqw1RazerDeathAdder V3 Pro
GENGMeteorLogitechG Pro X Superlight
GENGeKoLogitechG Pro X Superlight
GENGk1NgRazerDeathAdder V3 Pro
GIANTSFit1nhoLogitechG Pro X Superlight
GIANTSCloudLogitechG Pro X Superlight
Global EsportsMonyetEndgame GearXM2 WE
Global EsportsSkRossiFinalmouseStarlight
Global EsportsAYRINLogitechG Pro X Superlight
Global Esportst3xtureLogitechG Pro X Superlight
Global EsportsBazziZOWIEEC
HereticskeloqzLogitechG Pro X Superlight
HereticszeekLogitechG Pro X Superlight
HereticsAvovALogitechG Pro X Superlight
HereticsBooRazerViper V2 Pro
Karmine CorpScreaMFinalmouseErgo 2
Karmine CorpNewzeraLogitechG502
Karmine CorpNiveraRazerDeathAdder V3 Pro
Karmine CorpxmsRazerViper V2 Pro
Karmine CorpShinZOWIEEC
KOIkoldamentaLogitechG Pro X Superlight
KOISheydosLogitechG Pro X Superlight
KOIWolfenLogitechG Pro X Superlight
KOIstarxoLogitechG Pro X Superlight
KRUNagZLogitechG Pro X Superlight
KRUMelserLogitechG Pro X Superlight
KRUaXEddyLogitechG Pro X Superlight
LeviatankiNggLogitechG Pro X Superlight
LeviatanNozwerrLogitechG Pro X Superlight
LeviatanTacolillaRazerDeathAdder V3 Pro
LeviatanMazinoRazerDeathAdder V3 Pro
LeviatanShyyRazerViper V2 Pro
liquidRedgarLogitechG Pro Wireless
liquidSayfLogitechG Pro X Superlight
LOUDLessLogitechG Pro X Superlight
LOUDtuyzLogitechG Pro X Superlight
LOUDSaadhakRazerDeathAdder V3 Pro
MIBRjzzLogitechG Pro X Superlight
MIBRfrzLogitechG Pro X Superlight
MIBRheatLogitechG Pro X Superlight
MIBRmurizzzLogitechG Pro X Superlight
MIBRRgLMLogitechG Pro X Superlight
NAVIANGE1LogitechG Pro X Superlight
NAVIZyppanRazerDeathAdder V3 Pro
NRGFNSLogitechG Pro Wireless
NRGs0mLogitechG Pro X Superlight
NRGcrashiesLogitechG Pro X Superlight
NRGardiisLogitechG Pro X Superlight
Paper RexJingggFinalmouseStarlight
Paper Rexf0rsakeNLogitechG Pro X Superlight
Paper Rexd4v41LogitechG Pro X Superlight
Paper RexBenkaiPulsarXlite
Paper RexmindfreakVAXEEXE
Rex Regum QeonTehbotolLogitechG Pro X Superlight
Rex Regum QeonLmemoreLogitechG Pro X Superlight
Rex Regum Qeon2geLogitechG Pro X Superlight
Rex Regum QeonEmmanUnknownUnknown
Rex Regum QeonEJAYUnknownUnknown
Rex Regum Qeonfl1pzjderRazerDeathAdder V3 Pro
SecretJessieVashGLORIOUSModel D
SecretinvyLogitechG Pro X Superlight
SentinelsTenZEndgame GearXM2 WE
SentinelszekkenLogitechG Pro X Superlight
T1SayaplayerLogitechG Pro Wired
T1CarpeLogitechG Pro Wireless
T1XEtaLogitechG Pro X Superlight
T1MunchkinLogitechG Pro X Superlight
T1banLogitechG Pro X Superlight
Talon EsportsCrwsLogitechG Pro X Superlight
Talon EsportsfoxzLogitechG Pro X Superlight
Talon EsportssushiboysLogitechG Pro X Superlight
Talon EsportsgarnetSLogitechG Pro X Superlight
Talon EsportsJitboySLogitechG Pro X Superlight
VitalityBONECOLDLogitechG Pro X Superlight
VitalityMOLSILogitechG Pro X Superlight
VitalityTwistenRazerDeathAdder V3 Pro
ZETADepLogitechG Pro X Superlight
ZETATENNNLogitechG Pro X Superlight
ZETAcrowVaxeeZygen NP

*Vaxee XE includes wired and wireless models. Zowie models are just the model type, for example all EC variations fall under ‘EC’.