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TL;DR: 50% of professional CSGO players use the Logitech G Pro X Superlightthat’s an Amazon link.

If you’re looking for the best mouse for CSGO then you might stumble into the minefield of reviewer opinions.

The fact is that there are a lot of good mice on the market now. And you can’t go too far wrong with the majority of them.

Instead of telling you what we think is the best mouse to play Counter Strike with, we researched the mice that pro CSGO players actually use. All of our findings are below.

We also analyzed sponsorship obligations so you’ll know whether player choice is being influenced by money (spoiler: it probably isn’t).

This information was compiled from CSGO’s IEM Katowice 2023 tournament. We also put together a previous study from IEM Cologne.

Pro Picks

MousePlayer countWeight*Wireless?Battery Life**
Logitech G Pro X Superlight6061gYes70 hours
Razer DeathAdder V3 Pro1663gYes90 hours
Zowie EC2-CW1079gYes70 hours
Zowie EC2994gNoWired
Vaxee XE Wireless867.5gYes45-50 hours
Vaxee Outset AX376gNoWired
Vaxee Zygen NP-01S371gNoWired
Zowie EC1-CW279gYes70 hours
Endgame Gear XM2W163gYes100 hours
Logitech G Pro Wireless180gYes60 hours
Razer Viper Ultimate174gYes70 hours
Razer Viper V2 Pro158.5gYes80 hours
Xtrfy M4 Wireless171gYes75 hours
Xtrfy M8155gYes75 hours
Zowie FK2191gNoWired
Zowie S2182gNoWired
Zowie ZA12183gNoWired
*Weight excluding cable, **Battery life assumes 1000 Hz polling rate and competitive settings

The most-used mouse in competitive CSGO at IEM Katowice 2023 was the Logitech G Pro X Superlight.

The Logitech G Pro X Superlight in hand, a screenshot from video testing by DiamondLobby
Photo credit: DiamondLobby

The ‘Superlight’ features an ambidextrous, ergonomic shape that works well for multiple grip types and various hand sizes.

Exactly 50% of the players competing used this model despite it being released way back at the end of 2021. This is an even greater percentage than the already-high number of 48.7% that use the mouse in Valorant.

It features arguably outdated technology such as Micro USB rather than USB-C, and a large number of alternative, higher-spec products are on the market, yet so many players still stand by it.

The Logitech G Pro X Superlight face on, a screenshot from video testing by DiamondLobby
Photo credit: DiamondLobby

Is this all down to sponsorship obligations?

We explored.

Sponsorship Obligations

Endgame GearSprout1/5
RazerNinjas in Pyjamas1/5

Of all the teams competing at IEM Katowice 2023, 7 teams had a sponsor that also makes mice. These teams were Sprout, G2, ENCE, NAVI, MOUZ, Ninjas in Pyjamas and FaZe.

So, were those teams being swayed by their sponsor?

It certainly doesn’t seem so.

NAVI were the team that represented their sponsor the most, with 4 out of their 5-man roster using a Logitech mouse whilst being sponsored by Logitech. However, it wasn’t the full team, which suggests it isn’t mandatory.

To support this theory further, G2 and ENCE are also sponsored by Logitech and yet only 3 of the players on each team used a Logitech mouse.

Other brands also don’t appear to enforce a rule that players must use their products.

Razer sponsor 2 teams and only 4 players out of 10 use their mice.

Endgame Gear sponsor 1 team and only 1 player uses a mouse of their’s.

SteelSeries sponsor FaZe and none of the players use a SteelSeries mouse.

BrandTotal Player UseSponsored Player Use
Endgame Gear11/5

On top of this, despite 10 out of 15 potentially-sponsored players using a Logitech mouse, there are 51 other players that use a Logitech mouse without having a public sponsorship agreement.

Of these 51 players, 50 use the G Pro X Superlight and only INS from Grayhound Gaming uses the older (but still highly rated) Logitech G Pro Wireless.

The second most popular mouse within CSGO players is technically the Zowie EC2.

The reason this is second on a technicality is because 10 players use the EC2-CW and 9 players use the regular EC2. The EC2-CW is the wireless version with slightly different specs, the EC2 is wired and is the only widely-used wired mouse in competitive Counter Strike.

If we’re ignoring technicalities, the second most popular mouse is the Razer DeathAdder V3 Pro.

The Razer DeathAdder V3 Pro in white, a screenshot from DiamondLobby's hands on testing
Photo credit: DiamondLobby

The DeathAdder V3 Pro boasts the best specs on paper out of all of the most-used mice in professional Counter Strike. It offers 4000 Hz polling rate, the Razer Focus Pro 30K optical sensor and up to 30,000 DPI.

As a newer release compared to the likes of the Superlight and the EC2, it seems more pros are switching to this mouse as its reliability continues to be proven over time.

The only other highly popular mouse is the Vaxee XE Wireless.

The number one thing that all of the most popular mice in CSGO have in common is their shape. Whilst none are identical and all have clear differences, they all focus on ergonomics and comfort for the main grip types.

Despite niche releases like the Lamzu Atlantis and the Aria XD7 winning mouse enthusiasts over with their specs, shape and reliability, it seems that most professional players like to stick to tried and tested products.

Full Player List

Here is the full player list and the mouse they used at IEM Katowice 2023.

How did we research this? We watched every single team play and we looked through thousands of official photos from the event. Seriously.

BIGfaveNLogitechG Pro X Superlight
BIGk1toLogitechG Pro X Superlight
BIGKrimboLogitechG Pro X Superlight
BIGsyrsoNLogitechG Pro X Superlight
BIGtabseNVaxeeXE Wireless
C9HObbitLogitechG Pro X Superlight
C9sh1roLogitechG Pro X Superlight
C9nafanyRazerViper Ultimate
ComplexityfloppyLogitechG Pro X Superlight
ComplexityGrimLogitechG Pro X Superlight
ComplexityFaNgRazerDeathAdder V3 Pro
ComplexityJTRazerDeathAdder V3 Pro
EGautimaticLogitechG Pro X Superlight
EGHexTLogitechG Pro X Superlight
EGwizLogitechG Pro X Superlight
EGneaLaNRazerDeathAdder V3 Pro
ENCESnappiLogitechG Pro X Superlight
ENCESunPayusLogitechG Pro X Superlight
ENCEvaldeLogitechG Pro X Superlight
FaZebrokyLogitechG Pro X Superlight
FaZerainLogitechG Pro X Superlight
FaZeTwistzzLogitechG Pro X Superlight
FaZekarriganRazerDeathAdder V3 Pro
fnaticFASHRLogitechG Pro X Superlight
fnaticroeJLogitechG Pro X Superlight
fnaticKRIMZVaxeeXE Wireless
fnaticmeziiVaxeeXE Wireless
fnaticnicoodozVaxeeXE Wireless
FURIAarTLogitechG Pro X Superlight
FURIAsaffeeRazerDeathAdder V3 Pro
FURIAdropVaxeeXE Wireless
G2HooXiLogitechG Pro X Superlight
G2huNterLogitechG Pro X Superlight
G2m0NESYLogitechG Pro X Superlight
G2jksRazerDeathAdder V3 Pro
G2NiKoVaxeeXE Wireless
Grayhound GamingINSLogitechG Pro Wireless
Grayhound GamingaliStairLogitechG Pro X Superlight
Grayhound GamingLiazzLogitechG Pro X Superlight
Grayhound GamingVexiteRazerDeathAdder V3 Pro
Grayhound GamingSicoZowieEC2
HeroiccadiaNLogitechG Pro X Superlight
HeroicsjuushLogitechG Pro X Superlight
HeroicTeSeSXtrfyM4 Wireless
IHCANNIHILATIONLogitechG Pro X Superlight
IHCBart4kLogitechG Pro X Superlight
IHCbLitzLogitechG Pro X Superlight
IHCsk0RLogitechG Pro X Superlight
IHCTechno4KLogitechG Pro X Superlight
LiquidEliGELogitechG Pro X Superlight
LiquidNAFLogitechG Pro X Superlight
Liquidnitr0LogitechG Pro X Superlight
LiquidoSeeLogitechG Pro X Superlight
MIBRbrnz4nLogitechG Pro X Superlight
MIBRexitLogitechG Pro X Superlight
MIBRinsaniLogitechG Pro X Superlight
MOUZdexterRazerDeathAdder V3 Pro
MOUZfrozenRazerDeathAdder V3 Pro
MOUZJDCRazerViper V2 Pro
NAVIb1tLogitechG Pro X Superlight
NAVInplLogitechG Pro X Superlight
NAVIPerfectoLogitechG Pro X Superlight
NAVIS1mpleLogitechG Pro X Superlight
NAVIelectroNicRazerDeathAdder V3 Pro
NIPAleksibLogitechG Pro X Superlight
NIPheadtr1ckLogitechG Pro X Superlight
NIPREZLogitechG Pro X Superlight
NIPK0nfigRazerDeathAdder V3 Pro
OGdegsterLogitechG Pro X Superlight
OGNEOFRAGLogitechG Pro X Superlight
OutsidersfameLogitechG Pro X Superlight
OutsidersFL1TLogitechG Pro X Superlight
OutsidersJameRazerDeathAdder V3 Pro
OutsidersQikertVaxeeXE Wireless
paiNhardzaoLogitechG Pro X Superlight
paiNPKLRazerDeathAdder V3 Pro
paiNskullzVaxeeZygen NP-01S
paiNzevyVaxeeZygen NP-01S
PermittacaseyLogitechG Pro X Superlight
PermittaLaynerLogitechG Pro X Superlight
PermittaolimpLogitechG Pro X Superlight
PermittasNxVaxeeOUTSET AX
SproutStaehrEndgame GearXM2W
SproutllauNXLogitechG Pro X Superlight
SproutrefrezhLogitechG Pro X Superlight
Team SpiritmagixxLogitechG Pro X Superlight
Team SpiritPatsiLogitechG Pro X Superlight
Team Spirits1renLogitechG Pro X Superlight
Team Spiritw0nderfulLogitechG Pro X Superlight
Team SpiritchopperVaxeeZygen NP-01S
VitalityapEXRazerDeathAdder V3 Pro
VitalityMagiskRazerDeathAdder V3 Pro
VitalitySpinxRazerDeathAdder V3 Pro