Speed is always king in FIFA (now FC), especially in the Ultimate Team game mode.

This game mode generally features faster gameplay than the offline game modes, and the speed of the gameplay only increases as the months roll by and cards get special upgrades that make them faster and better.

The most sought-after cards are usually the players with the highest ratings for pace, especially in defense and attack. These cards are usually the most expensive as well, although you can occasionally find a good budget option.

This guide lists the fastest strikers in FC 24 Ultimate Team, including some of the best meta strikers and some cheaper options.

Kylian Mbappe

Kylian Mbappe is not only the fastest player in the game, he is also the highest-rated gold card.

He’s got 97 sprint speed and 97 acceleration, but he also has a couple of playstyles that make that speed even more effective.

The first is the Quick Step playstyle+ which gives the card significantly faster acceleration during explosive sprints, while the second is the Rapid playstyle which increases sprint speed while dribbling and reduces error while sprinting.

Karim Adeyemi

Karim Adeyemi is one of the cheaper meta striker cards in FC 24. He has 96 overall pace split into 96 sprint speed and 96 acceleration. Like Mbappe, he also has the Quick Step playstyle+ and the rapid playstyle.

If you’re playing Career Mode as well, this is one of the players you should be looking to buy if you need young strikers.

Sirlord Conteh

Sirlord Conteh is a silver card, and there’s no doubt that he won’t come cheap if you’re trying to build a silver squad for the objectives.

He has 95 overall pace with a split of 94 acceleration and 95 sprint speed. He has the Quick Step playstyle+ and the Rapid playstyle as well, but the rest of his stats are mediocre.

Trinity Rodman

Trinity Rodman is the fastest female card in FC 24 Ultimate Team. She’s a dream winger with the combination of her 94 pace with the Quick Step playstyle+ and Rapid playstyle, but she also has the striker alternate position if you’re looking for a rapid option up top.

Her pace split is 93 acceleration and 94 sprint speed. One extra point in this card’s favor is that she also has the Relentless playstyle, which means that she won’t lose stamina as much as the average card despite all the running.

Sheraldo Becker

Sheraldo Becker is a familiar name to Ultimate Team players by now. He’s usually in an around these “fastest player” lists and FC 24 is no different.

His overall pace in this game is 94 with a pace split of 93 acceleration and 95 sprint speed. He only has the regular Quick Step and Rapid playstyles, but he’s a really strong budget option if you can’t afford the cards discussed so far.

Inaki Williams

Speaking of budget options, Sheraldo Becker’s links make him even less of an exciting prospect. Inaki Williams offers an alternative because La Liga links are generally more common than Bundesliga links, although his nation link is not the best either.

The overall pace on Inaki’s card is 94 with a split of 93 acceleration and 94 sprint speed. He has the Quick Step and Rapid playstyles.

Rosemonde Kouassi

Kouassi is the second female player on this list. She has 94 overall pace with a perfectly balanced pace split of 94 acceleration and 94 sprint speed. She does not have the Rapid playstyle, but she has the Quick Step for faster acceleration during explosive sprints.

Realistically, the best option would be to have her on the bench due to the struggle to find good chemistry links. Another budget option.

Kevin Schade

Kevin Schade is another silver card with the Rapid and Quick Step playstyles. He has 94 overall pace with a split of 93 acceleration and 94 sprint speed.

His stamina is pretty low at only 58, so you should not expect him to last the game if you’re running a lot. In fact, he may not last 60 minutes with that stamina! Regardless, he’s a good option for silver squads and offers better links than Sirlord Conteh.

Sophia Smith

Sophia Smith is one of the best female cards in the game. She does not have a playstyle+ which is a bit disappointing, but she does have the Quick Step playstyle.

Her overall pace is 93 with a split of 92 acceleration and 93 sprint speed. She has 93 stamina which bodes well for longevity over the course of the match, and you should still be able to outpace defenders with this card late into the game.

Rafael Leao

Rafael Leao is another familiar name among Ultimate Team regulars. He has a nice 86-rated card in this game with 93 overall pace.

The pace split on the card is balanced with 93 acceleration and 93 sprint speed, and he’s the only one so far on this list that has the Rapid playstyle+ which greatly increases sprint speed while dribbling and further reduces sprinting or knock-on error.

He also has the Quick Step playstyle for good measure, but 77 stamina is a bit suspect.

There are ten more striker cards in the game with 93 overall pace apart from Rafael Leao and Sophia Smith. They’re listed in the table below:

NameClubOVRAccelerationSprint SpeedPlaystyle
Christian ContehVfL Osnabruck669493Rapid, Quick Step
Cade CowellSan Jose Earthquakes679294Rapid
Lois OpendaRB Leipzig829493Rapid, Quick Step
Sekou KoitaRB Salzburg759293Rapid, Quick Step
Yorbe VertessenPSV729493Rapid
Wong Sang UmUlsan Hyundai739393Rapid, Quick Step
Daniel JamesLeeds United759493Rapid, Quick Step
Meschack EliaBSC Young Boys739393Rapid
Kamaldeen SulemanaSouthampton749293Rapid
RafaBenfica839493Rapid, Quick Step

Some of the cards in this guide actually only have ST as their alternate position and not the starting position. However, one of the most useful new changes in FC 24 is that you don’t need position modifiers to start players in their alternate positions, so they swap them in for no extra cost.