The Whole Nine Yards is the third SBC in the Hybrid Leagues SBC group in FC 24 Ultimate Team. The reward for completing this SBC is an untradeable Prime Gold Players Pack which contains 12 gold players, including 6 rares.

This guide shows a working solution that you can copy for the SBC, and it also discusses how you can use your untradeable items within the club to complete if you don’t have enough coins.

I recommend completing the first and second SBC in the group before this one, called “Give Me Five” and “Seven-League Boots” respectively.


  • Exactly 9 leagues in the squad
  • Maximum of 2 players from the same league
  • Maximum of 2 players from the same club
  • Minimum of 6 rare players
  • Minimum team rating of 80
  • Minimum squad chemistry of 21

The minimum team rating of this SBC undoubtedly drives the price up because you need to purchase gold cards in the low 80s, and over half of those must be rare.

The league requirements also mean that we’ll have to rely on multiple players from one nation to fulfill the chemistry requirements. This can be done with top 9 nations such as Spain, France, Brazil, etc. as players from these countries play in various leagues all over the world.

For our solution, we’ll go with Spain.


Credit: FUT.GG
  • GK: Antonio Adan (Sporting)
  • LB: Leila Ouahabi (Manchester City Women)
  • CB: Diego Llorente (Roma)
  • CB: Saul (Atletico Madrid)
  • RB: Pedro Porro (Tottenham)
  • LM: Nerea Eizagirre (Real Sociedad Women)
  • CDM: Fabian (PSG)
  • CDM: Maite Oroz (Real Madrid Women)
  • RM: Carles Gil (New England)
  • ST: Dani Olmo (RB Leipzig)
  • ST: Jonathan Viera (UD Las Palmas)

There are 9 leagues represented in this squad, so we have the opportunity to use two extra players from leagues that are already included. That explains the inclusions of Saul and Jonathan Viera from La Liga, and Maite Oroz and Nerea Eizagirre from Liga F.

To avoid messing things up, I wouldn’t swap any of these players out if you’re trying to fit items from within your club. You’re better off building a new SBC team from scratch, and the next section will discuss the filters that you can use for that.

However, if you must swap anyone out, make sure that the replacement shares the same nationality and league.

Alternative Solution

These filters should help you find players within your club that can fit this SBC, or options that you can go for on the transfer market in case any of the recommended players are unavailable or priced over your budget.

The first filter is “Spanish, gold common”. Sign five 80+ rated players from five different leagues with this filter.

The second filter is “Spanish, gold rare”. Sign four 80+ rated players from four more leagues with this filter.

The third filter is “Spanish, gold rare”. Sign two 80+ rated players from two different leagues that are already represented in the squad.

If you’re struggling with the pricing or supply for high-rated players that fit these parameters, you can fit two to three players rated between 77-79 and still achieve the minimum 80 overall team rating.

Once the team is assembled, you can proceed to submit and claim the SBC reward. You can then move on to the next SBC in the group, called “First XI”.