Seven-League Boots is the second SBC in the Hybrid Leagues SBC group in FC 24 Ultimate Team. The reward for completing this SBC is an untradeable Rare Gold Pack, which contains 12 rare gold items.

This guide shows a working solution that you can copy for the SBC, and it also discusses how you can use your own untradeable items within the club to complete if you don’t have enough coins.

I recommend completing the first SBC in the group before this one. It’s called “Give Me Five” and rewards you with a Premium Gold Players Pack upon completion.


  • Exactly 7 leagues in the squad
  • Maximum of 3 players from the same league
  • Maximum of 3 players from the same club
  • Minimum team rating of 78
  • Minimum 18 squad chemistry
  • Minimum of 1 chemistry on each player

We’ll have to be creative with this one. The combination of the league requirements and the chemistry for each player makes it a bit tricky.

Since there is no nationality restriction, getting multiple players from the same country is the easiest way to get this done. Players sharing nationalities always link to each other, so you’re guaranteed to get each card a minimum of one chemistry point.

Because of the minimum rating, we’ll make sure to use only players that are rated 78 or higher to be safe. We’ll also focus on gold common players only to keep the cost of the SBC low.


Credit: FUT.GG
  • GK: Aitor (Osasuna)
  • CB: Matteo Darmian (Inter)
  • CB: Leonardo Bonucci (Union Berlin)
  • CB: Andréa Lardez (Bordeaux Women)
  • LM: Harvey Barnes (Newcastle)
  • CM: Sean Longstaff (Newcastle)
  • CM: Stefano Sensi (Inter)
  • RM: Ruben Garcia (Osasuna)
  • LW: Amine Gouiri (Stade Rennais)
  • RW: Ludovic Blas (Stade Rennais)
  • ST: Jamie Vardy (Leicester)

As I said, I’ve gone with multiple players from the same countries to get this done. I used French, Italian, Spanish, and English players from popular leagues because they’re usually the most common on the market so they shouldn’t be hard to buy.

Alternative Solution

If you’re not using my recommended players and would rather build the SBC a different way, the following filters can be used to get the right players to tick all the necessary requirements. Remember to only sign players rated 78 or higher!

The first filter is “common gold, English, Premier League”. Use this filter to sign two players from the same club to fit in any two positions where they can get chem.

The second filter is “common gold, Italian, Serie A”. Sign another two players from the same club with this.

The third filter is “common gold, German, Bundesliga”. Sign two more players from the same club with this.

The fourth filter is “common gold, English, WSL”. Sign two more from the same club.

The fifth filter is “common gold, German”. Sign three players from three different leagues that you don’t already have in the squad. You can also use other nationalities that are already on the team instead of German.

Once the team is assembled, you can submit and claim the SBC reward. You can then move on to the next SBC in the group, called “The Whole Nine Yards”.