Breeding bees in Minecraft can be an adorable and very rewarding experience.

Though, reaping these rewards is not so easy. Honey is a very useful food item that isn’t easy to get without getting stung by your bees.

In this article we will teach you how to collect honey in a safe way and use it.

How to Find Bees

Bees are where your honey comes from and you will either have to find them in the wild or breed them yourself to get the honey.

In the wild bees can be found in the following biomes:

  • Meadow
  • Plains
  • Forest
  • Birch forest
  • Old growth birch forest
  • Flower forest
  • Mangrove swamp

When you find bees they will always have a bees nest somewhere nearby. Follow them to find the nest. Usually the nest is within 20 or so blocks from the bee, since they don’t wander too far.

You can harvest honey from that nest, which we explain how to do in the next section of the article.

You can also take the bees with you back to your base using a lead or a flower. You can build them a beehive and then breed them and create a whole bee farm that way. This is good if your base is far away from where the bee nest spawned.

How to Harvest Honey

Regardless if you’re harvesting honey from a nest in the wild or from a beehive near your base, the process will be the same. It actually imitates the process of harvesting honey in real life.

You will first have to wait for the nest or hive to be full of honey. You can tell it’s full when it looks like honey is dripping out of it.

Then you will have to craft a campfire and put it directly under the hive or nest.

The smoke that comes up from the campfire will ‘pacify’ the bees inside. This will prevent them from attacking you when harvesting.


Next get a glass bottle and right click with it on the hive. This is how you gather honey in Minecraft.

Honey Usage

Honey has two different usages once collected.

The first one is to create sugar. A single bottle of honey will grant you 3 sugar if you put it in your crafting slot or on a crafting table.

The other way to use honey is as a food item. Drinking honey from the bottle will restore 6 hunger and remove any poison effect that is currently on you.

Keep in mind it will only remove poison, but any other effects, positive or negative, will remain.

To remove other types of effects, like weakness, you would have to drink a bucket of milk instead.

What to do Next

If you’re looking to explore other great food items that can be found in Minecraft, then you must be curious about which food items are the best.

This is very good to know when starting a farm so you can focus on getting the best there is for your survival world.