If you happen to see other players, streamers, or YouTubers playing with an overlay on top that shows the ping, you might be curious to know how they do it.

This has nothing to do with Steam Launch options and it is actually pretty simple.

This guide will show you how to check ping in New World and even have an FPS overlay up whilst playing.

I’ll also throw in some tips to reduce latency if you are experiencing lag.

Server Ping

When you log in and open the game, you will automatically see the best server for your location. You will be able to see multiple worlds with different regions and each of them will have a lot of different servers.

This will already show the ping on the server by choosing the world. Getting upwards of 100ms will already show the ping bar as yellow while having around 220ms and above will show it as red. You will want the lowest ping possible when choosing a server and it is usually the closest server in your region.

Before choosing a world and a server, make sure that you confirm that your friends are all playing on the same world and server as well. You will not be able to see them if ever they are in a different server/world and you only have a limited amount of character slots.

After choosing your server, you will enter the world but, there will be no latency status available on the screen.

How to Show Ping and FPS Overlay

Ping Settings

To show your latency and FPS, you need to go to the in-game menu by pressing “ESC”. Go to the settings and you will see multiple tabs on the left side once opened. Go to the Visuals tab and find the “Show FPS” setting and turn it on.

The default will be set to off so it should be turned on to have the overlay up. There will be two overlays showing up on the upper-left side and the upper-right side. The one on the right will be the FPS counter and ignore the latency beside it as it is for your monitor and not your server connection.

The New World ping will show on the upper-left side which will be the “Input Latency”. This will constantly change especially when the servers are heavily loaded.

When you start playing the PvP aspect of New World, make sure that you do not have major issues with your connection. That small difference might be the reason your company might lose the territorial war.

You can learn more about how companies work including the PvP, claiming settlements, and taxes in our separate guide.

How to Fix High Ping

New World ping issues aren’t a rare occurrence. Once you’ve conducted a New World ping test, if the ping is higher than you anticipated, then you’ll need to fix it.

Firstly, you should make sure that the problem is on the server’s end (New World), and it is not from your computer or internet connection. A great way to check is by checking the server status on their website here.

If all their servers are good, check the New World subreddit and their Twitter account to check if other players are experiencing the same issue at the same time. The game’s server problems will usually cause a lot of players to get connectivity issues and it will be voiced out almost instantly.

This is true for most of the online games out there so you can use this method to figure out if you have problems there too.

If everything is looking fine on the New World’s server end, that is when you start troubleshooting your own PC. Learning how to fix lag spikes on PC can be long and tedious. This is because there are too many variables to take note of. Just follow our separate guide on this and hopefully, it fixes the issue.