The most hectic, while also fun problem in most MMORPGs is all about the bag or inventory space. With so many resources to gather and items to craft, you will be reaching your weight limit extremely fast.

Luckily, there is a way to increase your carry capacity. It will take a lot of grinding but it will gradually increase.

This guide will teach you how to increase your weight capacity in New World and tips and tricks involving inventory management and bags.

What is Your Weight Capacity?

Your New World carry weight limit can be easily seen in the inventory tab. Each explorer starts with a 200 weight limit to store valuable resources, gear, items, rations, and everything New World has to offer.

As a new explorer, you will be gathering a ton of resources along the way and you will end up being at your New World weight limit regularly.

If you go over your carry weight capacity, you will become encumbered and unable to run, jump, and use abilities in combat.

While being encumbered and you still manage to grab more resources, it will reach a point where you cannot even walk anymore. There will be no workaround even if you try dropping items and walk an inch and get it back.

How to Increase Your Weight Capacity?

Bag Slots

Your carrying limit is not dependent on any of your stats like most RPGs. Increasing your strength will also increase it once you get the 2nd strength attribute bonus from your attributes buff. But, the best way to increase it is by equipping bags or satchels.

While progressing in the game, you will eventually finish a level 9 quest that rewards you with a satchel. This satchel will increase your carrying capacity by 50. You will be able to equip this in one of your bag slots.

There will be better bags once you progress even further. This will increase your weight capacity even more.

How Do You Unlock More Bag Slots?

Like it says on the icon in your inventory screen, each bag slot will unlock once you reach the indicated level on the icon. You will have 3 bag slots in total and the next 2 bag slots will be unlocked after reaching 30 and 45.

You will be able to equip more bags once you unlock this and getting better bags will increase your carrying capacity even more.

Tips for Inventory Management

When it comes to gathering resources, you will end up being full in under 20 minutes. You will need to come back to a settlement and store your items.

Managing your items inside the storage shed is a little different so you can check out our separate guide there. These tips will be more specific to your inventory as you explore.

When it comes to gathering and questing, you will get a lot of items and resources with each of them varying in weight.

If you would want to maximize your resource gathering, make sure you do not have any excess weapons and armor in your inventory. You can salvage them since it is the main way on how to get Repair Parts.

If you choose to keep them and use them in the future, store them inside your storage shed first before going out and harvesting.

Once you start leveling up your harvesting or mining skills, you will go back and forth to preserve the resources you have.

It will not be efficient to just throw them away to free up some inventory space.

Unequipping heavy items will also be good to maximize efficiency when you are solely looking to gather resources. This tip is useful for high-level players and those with heavy equipment.