New World stuck issues are not uncommon. Many players report to be getting stuck in a house while others are stuck in walls and even random rocks on the map.

If this is your first time getting stuck in New World, you probably have no idea what to do. You are scared that there might be a long queue for your server when you restart or you might lose some progress with what you are currently doing.

Not all games are perfect but, all MMORPGs have encountered this same problem just because of how massive these games are.

Luckily, all the developers are aware of this and they introduced a feature on how to get unstuck in New World easily without contacting them.

Why Are You Getting Stuck?

There are many causes for your character getting stuck in New World and one of the main reasons would be the heavy load on the servers. It might seem weird at first because everything else is moving normally and it is only you that is having the problem.

The most common way of getting stuck is spamming the “E” button on finishing and accepting quests to quicken the dialogue. When the dialogue does not trigger, you are left unable to move without a dialogue box to confirm anything.

The best thing to do here, especially if there are server issues, is to just be patient when dialogue is on screen — take time to read it and enjoy it rather than trying to race through. Remember the story about the tortoise and the hare.

Another issue would be getting stuck through the game’s pathing.

MMORPGs will always have this problem but it should rarely happen. This game genre is probably the hardest game to optimize because of all the assets and textures involved. Luckily, all MMORPGs have features to get you out of this mess which will be shown below.

How to Unstuck Yourself

Unstuck Game Menu

The easiest way is to just open your in-game menu by pressing “ESC”. You will see multiple tabs on the top of your screen and choose “Game Menu”. You will see the option “Unstuck” and just click it and wait for your character to fast travel back.

You can also use the unstuck feature to fast travel back to your respawn point.

This should work for all instances and if you encountered anything suspicious that could help the developers track the bug, you can press “Submit Feedback” to help them fix this issue for others in the future.

That is how games get optimized faster and it will only get better with time. If something got lost or a quest got bugged, you can also contact the game’s support to fix the issue. That might take longer and be annoying, but as this is Amazon Games’ first release and demand is through the roof, some issues are to be anticipated.

Final Thoughts

If this somehow ruins your experience for New World, you should remember that this is only a minor issue and it is quite common with other MMORPGs as well.

Try and enjoy playing the game by focusing on the other elements such as gameplay, graphic design, and even the community because bugs like these will easily get fixed and the unstuck feature is implemented to help players instantly before they investigate the issue.