When trying to explore the expansive reaches of New World’s entire landscape, you will be running for the most part. Luckily, there is a fast travel feature paired with a lot of additional traveling tips to get from one destination to the other.

However, there are a few requirements you need to know about first.

This guide will teach you how to fast travel in New World and give you more tips on how to get from one destination to another faster and more efficiently.

What is Fast Travel?

As a common feature in most RPGs and MMORPGs, fast traveling is a way to teleport instantly from one place to another. It is one way of speeding things up when you are trying to level up fast in New World.

You will encounter quests that will force you to run 2 kilometers to finish a simple quest and run back again to turn it in. The fast travel feature will help you do this quicker, but there are a few requirements or conditions you need to meet.

Requirements to Fast Travel

For the requirements needed to fast travel, you will need some Azoth to spend. These are received after finishing quests, side missions, and clearing corrupted portals.

Since you will most likely have a surplus in Azoth when you are progressing, it will be easy to fast travel from one place to another at the start of your playthrough.

The next requirement you need to look out for is locating shrines, fast travel points, and settlements near your location. You will be unable to fast travel if you are not in any of these locations.

While there are only a few shrines and fast travel points across the map, it is only because you have not unlocked them yet.

How to Unlock Fast Travel Waypoints

Most of these fast travel points are unlocked through finishing quests. When you encounter certain quests that have an “X” objective with the “(Optional)” tag next to them, it is most likely an unlockable fast travel waypoint.

Some fast travel waypoints can be unlocked through exploration. If you account for how big the map is, these waypoints might not be enough.

This should entice you to explore more of the map and maybe gather some resources along the way.

Using the Recall to Fast Travel

As another tip, there is a recall feature where you can fast travel to a specific settlement without fulfilling any of the requirements listed above.

To use the Recall feature, you need to talk to your innkeeper first to set your home destination. Each settlement has an innkeeper inside where you can talk to them to set it up.

Tips for Fast Traveling

You can only have one home destination at a time so, you will not be able to go to any settlements you want to recall to. You need to be wise when choosing your home destination.

It has a long cooldown but, it does not cost any Azoth. There is also another way you can recall or fast travel that has a separate cooldown from this innkeeper recall.

If you know how to buy a house (or can afford one), it will be an additional recall home you can use. It also has a long cooldown but, bigger, better, and more expensive houses have a shorter cooldown.

As a good tip, if you have a home at a certain settlement, you can set your home from the innkeeper in a different settlement.

This gives you more destinations to fast travel to. As an additional tip, you need to utilize this recall feature on cooldown. This will save you a lot of Azoth as it gets a little harder when you start focusing on other aspects of the game that do not reward Azoth.

Things like leveling up your mining skills or increasing your Arcana skill will not give you Azoth to work with and you will be most likely be using Azoth to fast travel.

The best tip is to use the auto-run button when you have some time to spare. You can get from one destination to another by just leaving the New World game up while on auto-run. This will give you some time to detach yourself from the game or open a new window and do something else.