Corrupted Portals can be seen anywhere on the map. They spawn randomly and frequently, so it might disrupt some of your gathering routes or questing areas.

It can be annoying at times, but you also can clear these Corrupted Portals and earn some rewards.

In this guide, you will learn how to clear Corrupted Portals in New World and show you all the loot or rewards you can get from removing them.

What Are Corrupted Portals?

Corrupted Portals or Corrupted Breaches are manifestations of the corrupted enemies in the game. They can spawn in different forms (Corrupted Monolith, Corrupted Portal, Infested Grove, and Festering Hive).

They turn the area into a barren land where common resources and monsters that used to spawn there disappear until the corruption is cleared out.

The corruption nodes or areas are fixed, and the timer for their respawns is also fixed. However, multiple areas can spawn corruption, and all of them cannot spawn all at once.

You might be able to see three corrupted areas close together, but these are entirely random. During the peak hours, when most of the players are online on your server, there are times where you rarely see these corruption spawn.

The respawn timer for small corrupted areas is 30 minutes, while the larger ones are set to 60 minutes. The timer can differ between servers, regions, and maybe even events in the future. Since there are a lot of players consistently playing, it will be hard to estimate the respawn time yourself.

You will not be able to look at the map the entire time, waiting for it to respawn.

How to Clear Corruption

The corruption can be cleared by players who have unlocked the Azoth Staff. You can clear the enemies around the corrupted area and go directly to the portal when you have the Azoth Staff equipped.

You will be able to interact with the portal using the Azoth Staff, and it should clear the area right after. The enemies are more challenging, and it is dependent on the type of corruption that spawns.

There are three corruption levels. The lowest one will recommend a player who is already level 25. The next will be for level 35 and higher, while the hardest one requires 45 or higher.

Since there are different types of corruption, you need to know the rundown of how it all works.

The Corrupted Portal is a stage where Corrupted Acolytes try to summon more of their forces to the New World. When left untouched for a long time, the cavalry can arrive, and these corrupted beings can start to build their own territory.

Corrupted Monoliths spawn Corrupted Zealots who do the same thing. The size of the Corrupted Monolith can show you how difficult the area will be without looking at it. The bigger it is, the harder the enemies are.

The Infested Grove destroys the ground, giving birth to corrupted tendrils the lurk in the area. The Festering Hive does the same thing, but the fortification makes it look more intimidating.

You can clear all of this with the Azoth Staff. Since your Azoth Staff has levels based on your progression (character level and story progression), you might not be able to clear the corruption without upgrading your Azoth Staff.

The recommended level is the tell-tale sign of whether you can clear it or not. You can see this on the tooltip when you hover over the corrupted areas on your map.

How to Get Rewards from Clearing Corruption

You have probably noticed how hard it is to clear the corrupted on your own if the corrupted area recommends a party of 3 to clear it.

Technically, you do not need to party up to clear the area. You can go inside the corrupted area and help clear it without having a party. Each player will be credited as long as they contributed to hitting or eliminating the monsters, clearing it with the Azoth Staff, or even healing a few players in the area.

If you have half of the server clearing the area, it will be hard to get rewards from clearing the area without being on a party who contributed to the clearing. Even if you did not do anything, you should be able to get rewards if your party members contributed, no matter how minute their contributions are.

You can rush towards the corrupted portal and clear it with your Azoth Staff. You will be able to earn the rewards even without doing any damage to the enemies or healing any players involved.

The rewards are dependent on the difficulty of the corrupted areas. Clearing a level 25 Corrupted Portal will earn you a Minor Breach Cache. The rewards are the same regardless of the difference in contribution among the players involved.

Opening the Minor Breach Cache can contain rare weapons and armor, among other things. Gear will be the most common reward from opening it.

Final Thoughts

The rewards might be unfulfilling; it is an excellent way to get Repair Parts or upgrade some unlucky gear slots. On an active server, clearing corruption is not a question of difficulty; it is a question of “Will you be able to contribute fast enough to earn the rewards?”.

You can stop by a corrupted area on your way to a quest, a route to level your mining skills, or a settlement. Depending on the number of players clearing it, it will take a few seconds, and you will get free loot for your troubles.

The best rewards you can get from clearing Corrupted Portals will be experience points. If you are lucky enough to stumble across corrupted areas where there are a lot of players clearing it each time, you will level up faster, so make sure to clear each corruption once you unlock your Azoth Staff.