New World presents many dangers and creatures on the strange island of Aeternum.

Players will be greeted by wild boars, deadly wolves, big cats, undead sailors, demon-like monsters, and so many other dangerous things.

Since one of the challenges of the games is creatures that want to take the player’s life, dying is a real possibility in New World.

Each MMO RPG deals with death in a different way. Some are incredibly punitive, and others just remove agency from the players for a few seconds.

If you don’t know how dying penalizes you in Amazon Games’ new MMO RPG, whether it already happened to you once or not, this guide will let you know what happens if you die in New World.

Getting Incapacitated

At Deaths Door

Like many other modern multiplayer games of this era, you don’t instantly die in New World when reduced to zero hit points.

When that happens, your character gets into an incapacitated state. In that situation, you cannot interact with your surroundings at all, but other players can still help you prevent you from actually meeting death.

You have about 2 minutes before it is too late. The game tells you that you’re at death’s door during that time.

If there is nobody there to help you, though, or if you eventually decide to give up on the chance of getting revived by someone else, that’s when you really die.

Spawning Far From Where You Were

New World’s Aeternum is a vast place. The island has many settlements, ruins, beaches, and other places to explore. 

It isn’t unusual to walk for kilometers before reaching the place you are looking for, which is why Spawn Points are a huge deal in New World.

If you were about to get that treasure guarded by a very annoying enemy, but you were suddenly backstabbed, then I might have bad news for you.

Dying takes you back to your spawn point, and if it is located many kilometers away from the place you were, it means you will be teleported all that distance away from your objective.

You might just have to walk all the way back to where you were unless you are lucky enough to have rested at a nearby campfire. There might be another settlement that is close to where you were, too, so it might just help you out in case a high-level enemy suddenly manages to take you down in combat.

You can choose to respawn at the last camp you rested at, the last Inn you registered in, or at the nearest settlement.

Please note that you cannot respawn more than once per hour at the same respawn point.

Learning How to Camp in New World

This is a mechanic that is only unlocked after a while of following the main quest of the game. At some point, you will be given a quest to camp outside the settlement or town that you’re in.

Once you complete that, you should be able to start your own camps at almost any place in the Open World.

Please note that in order to be able to access the quest in town that allows you to camp, you must complete all the quests of the starting area.

Your quest about camping will be given to you by the Survivalist. You will be able to craft a camp once you’re done with the quest by pressing Y once you find a good spot.

You will need flint and wood to build a camp, so you better know where to find flints in New World if you want to make your own spawn points.

What Happens To Your Items When You Die?

Not much.

You do not lose any items when you die in New World, except for those you didn’t manage to collect before dying.

The only consequence of dying is a slight decrease in your items’ durability. It really isn’t much of a big deal.

You keep everything that was already in your inventory, your weapons keep working until they’re completely broken, and all your consumables will be there for you to try to defeat that same enemy again.

Please note that when it comes to durability, all items will be affected upon death. So it doesn’t matter that your shield was not equipped when you died; it will lose about 10% of its durability along with any other weapon and armor that you have equipped.

If you know how to store your items in New World, it might be a good idea not to run around with all your weapons and armors in your inventory.

What Happens To Your Experience Points?


There are no penalties. No Experience Point is lost, progress is not slowed down, and the milestones for leveling up remain the same.

When it comes to leveling and experience, this MMO will not penalize players for taking risks whatsoever, so go ahead and venture into the dungeons. You will never return with less experience, even when you’re defeated.

So I should Never Worry About Dying?

Be revived

Well, that honestly depends.

Although the consequences are not harsh at all, losing 10% of all items’ durability might be a problem in the long run if you keep dying when carrying many expensive, rare items.

Also, although dying when playing solo might not cause you any severe consequence, being defeated during a skirmish when your allies depend on you might cause a lot of trouble to them.

Also, walking around might be fun at first when you start getting to know the map, but it does get old. Once it does, you might start finding it a bit annoying to walk miles through the woods trying to get back to where you just were.

With all that in mind, saying that you should never worry about dying sounds like a stretch, to be honest.

You should worry, just not too much. There is a punishment for dying. It isn’t too harsh, but it is there. So, remember that you didn’t really lose much if you ever die, and do not get stressed out for it. However, make sure that you do not turn it into a habit just in case people need you.