New World is a really interesting game with lots to do and its own unique take on many different aspects of the MMO Genre. However, even being innovative in many different ways, genres will always have some clichés tied to them.

The beginning of New World is filled with a lot of basic combat and fetch quests. One of them demands you to know where to find flints and green wood in order to make a skinning knife. Right after that, you will need to catch a boar.

Boars are a type of beast in Amazon Games’ New World. They have small tusks, and they will not be aggressive to you unless you initiate the combat.

So if you want to know where to find cull boars in New World, stick around, and this guide will provide the step by step on how to do it.

Finding Boars in the Starting Area

If you are looking for boars, you most likely finished your flit skinning knife already, which means your next objective is to prepare yourself a meal.

In order to do that, you need to locate the boars that are in the nearby woods, kill one yourself, then interact with its body by pressing E to get some Pork and Rawhide.

Though there are a few boar locations, the best New World boar location is where you can find flints if you’re at a starting area. Look for the Everfall Watchtower — or any other watchtower from your starting area — and look around. You should see a path that leads into the woods.

Follow that path and look around. You should start seeing wild boars roaming around after a while. You don’t have to worry about being attacked by surprise here cause boars will not fight unless they are provoked.

Please note that although you can just take the items from a boar that another player has killed, it will not make you advance in the quest when you do so.

So you will need to kill your own New World boar and use your own Flint Skinning Knife to take the items. Once it’s done, go back to the campfire in front of the nearby Watchtower.

Finding Boars in the Open World

It seems that it really isn’t that hard to find this animal on the Island. Seems that boars like the regions near the beach.

Whenever you are close to salt water and you’re in need of pork, it might be a safe bet to go for the woods close to the watchtowers.

Please note that boars might act differently in other areas. For instance, those around truffles might attack you when you’re collecting the fungi.

However, I haven’t found any high-level boars so far, so you should be okay even if you get hit by surprise.

Preparing a Meal With Raw Food

Cooking works exactly the same way as crafting in New World. That means that in order for you to prepare yourself the meal, you have to go to the campfire and interact with it to open the crafting menu.

Once there, you should see on your left side the option of making Light Ration. Although Pork can be used to increase your regeneration a bit for a few seconds — and a modest regeneration afterward — Light Ration is a consumable that provides a better effect.

It Recovers 40 health per second for 20 seconds, although you lose this effect if you take damage when regenerating. After those 20 seconds, you regain 1% of your health for 20 minutes.

All that you need to make Light Rations is the collected Pork meat and the campfire, so there is no reason for you not to make as much Light Ration as you can at first.

Later, you might be able to turn Pork into Energizing Rations to restore your Magic Points, so you might consider turning part of your Pork in that item instead if you need a consumable to regain MP.

Finishing The Quest

Once you are done with making Light Rations, you can go ahead and talk to the same NPC you have been reporting to in order to finish this quest.

You’ll be receiving an Armor Case, experience, and coins. That armor case contains somewhat decent clothes for your character. After that, Leyson will let you know that he still has a lot to deal with, and he will accept your help if you’re willing to stick around for a bit longer.

Final Thoughts

There really isn’t any secret to hunting boars and making rations. They are quite useful when you’re far from a safe resting point since you can use them to regain your health points if you manage to hide from monsters for a little while.

So if you have the chance to kill a boar and grab its meat, it will be quite useful to have that at the beginning of the game — as long as you craft it into Light Rations. It also makes your cooking skill levels improve if you make a habit out of this.

Remember that this is also useful to make Energizing Rations. Still, the game asks you to make these items as a tutorial. There will be many better items that you will be able to craft later on.