Going after lifeblooms can be quite rewarding, as their drops can include Life Motes (Tier II), Lifebloom Stems (Tier II), Lifebloom Leaves (Tier III), and/or Lifebloom Flowers (Tier IV). On top of that, gathering this magical plant gives you 90 harvesting XP and 22 character XP.

As with most other alchemy resources, you need to skill up before you go looking for Lifebloom – you can start harvesting it at skill level 30, and track it at 45.

This could prove to be of great importance, as there are plenty of applications for the resource, and if you’re focused on crafting, you definitely need to get ready for gathering.

Learning where to find Lifeblooms in New World is easy. But, if you want to be efficient, you would want to get other resources while getting Lifeblooms so the best farming spot can be subjective.

What is Lifebloom Used For?

Even though you’re most likely hoping to get Flower or Leaf drops, Stems are also quite useful. As for the Life Motes, they have the widest application of all the possible resources you can get from the Lifeblooms but are also non-exclusive to the plant so you can find other ways to get them.

Thanks to their alchemical properties, all of these reagents are very useful for potion crafting, providing a variety of options for consumables that can give you a big boost.

Powerful Regeneration Potion, Powerful Health Potion, and Infused Corrupted Ward Potion are just some of the Arcana items you can craft using Lifebloom drops, as they provide versatility when combining with other ingredients.

Aside from potions, there are also a few coatings that share similar ingredients, like Infused Lost Coating and Powerful Lost Coating that brings the list of available items up to double digits.

The prospect of such powerful concoctions is exciting, but you still need to do some exploring and gather the resources before you start crafting.

When you are looking to level up your Arcana skill, you will need a ton of these Lifeblooms or any of the resources of the same tier. There are multiple farming spots where you can level up harvesting skills fast that includes a few Lifeblooms.

You can hit two birds with one stone by leveling both your Arcana skill and harvesting skill at the same time.

Lifebloom Spawn Locations

If you don’t know where to find Lifebloom in New World, you will really struggle. Despite the fact that there are a few locations on the map, finding any one of them will be a challenge.

When you’re on the lookout for any New World Lifebloom location, your best bet is to go to Aeternum, where you can usually find it near the water. It’s amongst the best Lifebloom locations in New World. A large amount is concentrated around Monarch’s Bluffs.

You can find many nodes in Windsward as well – keep your eyes open near the river to the side of First Light Town.

Even though spots around First Light and the region east of Cutlass Key Town offer a chance to gather Lifebloom, the nodes appear much less so the drops are more scarce compared to Monarch’s Bluffs.

The same goes for the south area, which has some of the resources to be found, but not that substantial to justify making a route there just for Lifeblooms farming in New World.

Another spot that’s worth noting is Brightwood Town, where you can find some nodes both east and west of the settlement, but the supply is far less exciting compared to the previous areas, so you’re probably better of gathering there, even though the Brightwood reserves can be useful if you’re already in the area.

The challenge varies as you go through gathering routes, but if you’re careful enough you should probably get a reasonable supply without engaging in too many fights. It also gets much easier when you get the possibility of tracking Lifeblooms later on.