Amazon is taking over everything. After buying twitch, they came up with their own MMO RPG, New World. The game takes players to a mystical, hidden island where adventure awaits.

The game might have some interesting new ideas and a different take on how it approaches combat encounters, but in many ways, it still is your typical MMO RPG, and as such, it has your typical fetch quests.

Right at the beginning of the game, in order to progress, players must find flint and deliver to a specific Non-Playable Character near the campfire.

Flint is a type of rock with no crystalline structure. It has been mined by humans for at least 35,000 years and is usually used as an abrasive or cutting material.

In New World, players can use flint to craft a few different items, and they need the stones right at the beginning of the game to finish a quest.

So if you are not sure how to find these stones, here’s where to find Flint in New World.

Where to Find Flints?

Flints are not hard to find at all. As soon as you reach the Watchtower in your starting area, you should be able to see the water nearby.

Just walk near the water and try to find round stones around on the floor. As soon as you are far enough from the Watchtower, you should start seeing some flints on the sand.

Make sure to be careful, some enemies are roaming the area, and they might attack you while you’re looking for flints.

Once you find the rocks you’re looking for, approach them and press E to gather them.

Finding Flints in the Open World

Finding a New World Flint farm spot is pretty easy in the Open World. You just have to look for rocks when walking around, especially on the beaches.

If you’re near water, just look down and you will see many interactable stones lying around for you to gather flints for your crafting. Those are generally the best New World flint farming locations.

Why Collect Flints

These are craft items in New World. Flints might not be of much value alone, but they can be turned in a certain amount of items with New World crafting mechanics. You can think of flint as a resource.

Flints are needed in order to make Flint Arrows, Flint Picks, Flint Skinning Knives, Flint Arrows, Flint Spears, and many other different items.

At the beginning of the game, players will meet an NPC who stays in front of the watchtower. After he asks players to kill some of the drowned, he will request them to find flints to make a Skinning Knife.

Players will then have to gather the flints and eventually some wood as well to complete this quest.

Where to Collect Wood

Although some players might be confused and roam away in the wrong direction, the truth is that gathering wood at the beginning of New World is quite simple.

In order to get some wood at the beginning of the game, players just have to go look for some bushes in the nearby woods. Find one that has an option to interact by pressing E, do so to collect green wood.

How To Make a Skinning Knife

Skinning Knives are a basic harvesting tool in New World and the first item that players will be crafting in the game, but how do you make a Flit Skinning Knife?

Once you have enough flint collected, make sure to return to the Watchtower. Once you’re near it, you will see the campfire right in front of the tower.

Head to the fire and interact with it. Once you’re close enough, you will see an option to press a key in order to start crafting. A menu will pop up, and you will see the option to craft a Flint Skinning Knife.

Once you have enough wood and your Flint Skinning Knife, go talk to the NPC who has been giving you assignments — Leyson Reese in my case — complete the quest, which will lead to another quest like most other MMO RPGs do. You know the drill.

Final Thoughts

New World might be innovative in certain aspects, but it wasn’t enough to avoid the cliché of fetch quests, and there is nothing special about the ones it presents to you at first.

The beginning of New World feels familiar, and the answer might be all too simple to certain players while being overcomplicated to those who dislike talking to NPCs and whatnot.

Unfortunately, even for a simple quest like this one, collecting rocks and grass is not the most exciting thing. And although it is true that things will escalate and become more exciting, it still is a bit disappointing to have my first actual class to be gathering flints.

Luckily, with this guide, you will be able to get those flints and go through the quest in no time. That way, you’ll be much closer to the fun part of New World.