Wyrdwood is the tier 4 resource you can start acquiring once you level up your logging skill. This resource is a bit more scarce than other logging resources, such as Green Wood and Aged Wood.

It won’t be easy to farm a lot of Wyrdwood, but it should be extremely valuable compared to the other lower-tier resources.

In this guide, you will learn where to get Wyrdwood in New World and find out what it is used for so you can gauge how many you need to farm.

What is Wyrdwood Used For?

Wyrdwood is essentially just the fundamental resource. You will use these Wyrdwoods in the Woodworking Station to craft Wyrdwood Planks.

If you are having trouble finding the Woodworking Station, you can find all the crafting spots in Windsward by zooming in on the settlement.

To craft Wyrdwood Planks, you will need Wyrdwood and Lumber. This process might look simple, but Lumber needs Timber (from Green Wood), Aged Wood (from Mature Trees), and any tier of Sandpaper (preferably Coarse Sandpapers).

To sum it all up, you will need all the essential resources leading up to Wyrdwood before crafting the Wyrdwood Planks. So even if you farm a lot of Wyrdwood, you will have it up and farm a few Young Trees and Mature Trees along the way.

For Coarse Sandpapers, you can get these by opening supply crates around the map. These are commonly found in quest and mission areas. If you purely go for logging, you will end up needing a ton of Coarse Sandpaper in the future to craft Lumber.

Wyrdwood Planks are used to craft better fishing poles, an uncommon tier 3 spear, and tier 4 to 5 epic weapons for the end product.

While it might not seem like there are enough uses for Wyrdwood Planks, they are needed in high amounts for epic weapons. Since Wyrdwood Planks are needed to craft Ironwood Planks (tier 5), they will definitely be needed in the endgame.

Tier 5 weapons need a lot of Ironwood Planks and each tier of logging resources will exponentially increase as you craft higher tier weapons.

As for Furnishing items to decorate your home, these Wyrdwood Planks are useless. You will only need the basic resources (tier 1-3) for crafting furniture.

How to Get Wyrdwood

To get Wyrdwood, you will need to chop down Wyrdwood Trees. They are incredibly tall (even taller than Mature Trees) trees that glow blue. It will be hard not to notice them.

However, these Wyrdwood Trees are pretty scarce. On the bright side, once you find a few Wyrdwood Trees, they are always close to each other.

To chop these trees down, I highly suggest upgrading your Logging Axe to the Steel Logging Axe. This should be the absolute minimum to be efficiently farming Wyrdwood.

While you can still use the Flint or Iron Logging Axe tier to chop them down, it might take you more than a minute to chop down a single Wyrdwood Tree.

Best Places to Farm for Wyrdwood

If you’re wondering where to farm Wyrdwood in New World, pay attention to the image above, which has around 12 nodes, with 8 of them closely bunched up together. Most players overlook this area as there are few main quests or side quests to finish around.

The question is, how do you make this an efficient New World Wyrdwood farm route? Since the nearest settlement is Everfall, you can make your farming route linear by going around the circle on the image above.

Chop all the Wyrdwood Trees and head straight to the Everfall settlement. If you chop Wyrdwood Trees alone, this run will be inefficient with all the running.

You can choose to chop all the Young Trees and Mature Trees going back to the Everfall settlement. You can also find a few herbs like Earthspines and Dragonglory to harvest when you cross the river. If you go around the open area on the highlands terrain, you will find a ton of Iron Ore nodes.

It is up to you how you want to fill up your inventory. Make sure you increase your weight capacity before doing something as tedious as this.

For an alternative route, you can run directly south to the Inkwell Cave. There will be 3-4 Wyrdwood Trees near the cliffs. That’s another decent Wyrdwood farm in New World. Chop them and go to the Dankfur Cave in Eldergate. There will be another 3-4 Wyrdwood Trees that spawn here (image above).

The settlement you will deposit to will be in Windsward. This route still starts in Bearclaw pass but takes 10-15 minutes longer per trip.

The benefits of going to the alternative route are the added resources. While the first route had Iron Ores, Earthspines, Hemps, and Dragonglory, this alternative route has Iron Ores, Silver Ores, Saltpeter, Gold Ores, Fronded Petalcaps, Supply Crates, Rivercress, and Lifeblooms.

It is a more efficient route for gathering all the resources and leveling up your mining skill in particular. The route’s reset or cycle might be confusing, but you should do it in a line.

Bearclaw Pass -> Inkwell Cave -> Eldergate -> Windsward Settlement (deposit) -> Fast Travel to Everfall -> Bearclaw Pass -> Repeat Cycle

It does cost Azoth unless you want to run. If you decide to run, you can pick up resources along the way and deposit them to Everfall’s settlement before repeating the cycle.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to level up your logging skills, it is highly recommended to pair your level with your gathering skills. It is even better if your character’s level is way above it too. It makes things faster.

Equipping a Steel Logging Axe to chop down Wyrdwood Trees is essential. The level requirement should be around 21+ to equip one depending on what is available in the trading post.

Before deciding to farm Wyrdwood, make sure you are farming Wyrdwood for something, whether for crafting or making money.