Lesser Demons in OSRS are some of the game’s most iconic monsters. While they do not have great drops, they do give great combat experience rates for the mid levels, and are often assigned as a Slayer task. 

Moreover, lesser demons come in a few different variants, one at levels 82, 84, and 96. These higher level variants tend to be found in special locations, like the Catacombs of Kourend and the Wilderness. 

Of course, lesser demons can be found in a large variety of locations across Gielinor. However, some of these places are better than others based on the accessibility of the location, and the number of lesser demons that spawn there. In this guilde, I’ll determine the best place to find lesser demons in OSRS. 

Free Locations

Wizard’s Tower

First, I’ll cover the best places to find lesser demons in OSRS for free players. To start, the first lesser demon most players will encounter is locked within a cage on the top floor of the Wizard’s Tower, south of Draynor Village. 


Many new players often leverage this particular lesser demon for early game Ranged or Magic experience, since lesser demons can only attack with melee, and since this one is locked in a cage, it can’t fight back. Many players like to splash here, as well.


Another place to find lesser demons in Old School RuneScape for free players is Crandor, the island involved in the quest ‘Dragon Slayer I.’ You need to have at least started the quest to access Crandor. 

You can start Dragon Slayer I by speaking to the Guildmaster of the Champion’s Guild, which is southwest of Varrock. You need at least 32 quest points to start the quest. 

The surface of Crandor has various monsters populating it, including two lesser demons of the level 82 variant. The Crandor underground, the dungeon that can be accessed from the Karamja volcano, includes 11 more lesser demons of the same variant. 


To reach the lesser demons located underground, you need to climb down the trapdoor near the mouth of the Karamja volcano. From there, travel northwest until you reach the red spiders. From here, there are two options: you can find lesser demons immediately south, or immediately north, through the doorway. 

The Wilderness

An alternative best place to find lesser demons in OSRS for free players is in the Wilderness. Of course, as with any participation in Wilderness activities, you should only bring items and supplies you are willing to lose to other players. 

As a free player, you can find two lesser demons near the Muddy Chest in the Lava Maze, which is around level 40-45 Wilderness. There are also two more lesser demons southeast of the Demonic Ruins, which are in level 44-48 Wilderness. 


Members’ Locations

Wilderness Slayer Cave

Paying members have several additional best places to find lesser demons within Old School RuneScape, one of which being the Wilderness Slayer Cave. This is a cave located in the Wilderness (so Wilderness rules still apply) containing a number of common Slayer monsters. 

The Wilderness Slayer Cave contains seven lesser demons of the level 94 variant. Additionally, the lesser demons within this cave have slightly better, slightly more profitable drops than lesser demons found elsewhere in the game. This is true for all monsters found within this cave. 


All monsters found within the Wilderness Slayer Cave, including lesser demons, also have a small chance to drop items from the Last Man Standing shop, such as Blighted foods/spell packs, and Trouver Parchments. 

Catacombs of Kourend

The next best place to find lesser demons in OSRS for members are the Catacombs of Kourend, which can be accessed from various points around the continent. These Catacombs have a few unique properties that make them a great place to find lesser demons. 

One of these properties is that all monsters found within have a chance to drop Ancient Shards, and pieces of the Dark Totem, the base, middle, and top. A specific monster’s chance to drop these items is based on their amount of Hitpoints. 

Lesser demons within the Catacombs have a 1 in 275 chance to drop Ancient Shards, and a 1 in 413 chance to drop a Dark Totem piece. 

Another of the Catacombs’ unique properties is that it is entirely a multicombat area, meaning several monsters and NPCs can attack you at once. For this reason, I wouldn’t recommend coming to the Catacombs without 43 Prayer for the protection prayers. 


However, you can use the multicombat nature of the dungeon to your advantage. If you run into the middle of the lesser demon room, which contains eight lesser demons, you can simply turn on auto-retaliate and Protect from Melee for AFK melee combat and Slayer experience. 

Taverly Dungeon

Finally, the last best place to find lesser demons in OSRS I’ll describe is the Taverly Dungeon, located west of Falador. This is one of the game’s largest and most expansive dungeons, and it contains a huge variety of monsters, including five lesser demons. 


To reach the lesser demons in the Taverly Dungeon, you need to go north from the entrance, then east, then south. Continue south past the magic axes and poisonous scorpions, then turn north past the Chaos Druids. The lesser demons are just north of the Chaos Druids. 

Final Thoughts

There are several best places to find lesser demons in OSRS. For free players, one can be found on top of the Wizard’s Tower, and more can be found in the Wilderness and on/underneath Crandor. 

For paying members, lesser demons can be found within the Wilderness Slayer Cave, the Taverly Dungeon, and the Catacombs of Kourend, which have unique properties you can take advantage of.