Cowboy Hats can be tricky to acquire because it is an extremely random spawn, and you probably have no idea how to get one when you reach the quest “Dressed to Kill.”

You have also probably found a few Cowboy Hats before reaching the quest and think to yourself, why you didn’t get them and save them inside your stash.

However, in this guide, we will help you by teaching you where to get Cowboy Hats in Escape from Tarkov efficiently and as fast as possible so you can finish the Dressed to Kill quest from Ragman quickly.

What is a Cowboy Hat Used For?

Dressed to Kill Quest

Cowboy Hats are only used to complete the quest “Dressed to Kill” from Ragman. Other than the quest, the Cowboy Hat is a purely cosmetic item you can wear in a raid.

Unlike the Ushanka, where you need to wear one and eliminate PMCs at the same time, Cowboy Hats does not have anything quest-related after finishing Dressed to Kill.

Cowboy Hat Spawn Locations

Nortex Interchange Mannequins

Cowboy Hats can be gotten from Scavs. You will have to kill Scavs, loot them, and hope to find one on top of their head.

You can actually see from afar if a Scav is wearing a Cowboy Hat. These Cowboy Hats cannot spawn inside a Scav’s inventory, so it is better to look at their attire and go for the ones that are wearing Cowboy Hats.

These Cowboy Hats should be “found in raid,” and you cannot buy them from the Flea Market to complete the quest.

You can obtain a single Cowboy Hat as a quest reward for finishing Tarkov Shooter Part 3 from Jaeger. The quest Tarkov Shooter Part 3 is achievable even before receiving the Dressed to Kill quest from Ragman.

Just remember to keep it inside your stash if you happen to finish Tarkov Shooter Part 3 first.

Best Strategy to Get Cowboy Hats

The best strategy to get Cowboy Hats is farming Scavs in Interchange. There are so many Scavs that spawn inside the mall.

There are also specific spawns that are a hotbed for spawning Scavs. Check these areas below to farm Scavs for Cowboy Hats.

  • Goshan
  • OLI
  • Power Station
  • Brutal
  • National
  • Mantis
  • Sushi store
  • IDEA
  • Scav camp

All these locations mentioned spawns a lot of Scavs. If you cannot find a specific location listed, you can go to the other locations.

These Scav spawns are completely random, but these locations will spawn most of the Scavs in an Interchange raid.

You may ask, why are we going to Interchange if we are just farming Scavs? The answer is the random mannequins around the stores can also spawn these Cowboy Hats.

Stores like Trend, Top Brand, Kostin, Nortex, and Viking can spawn Cowboy Hats on top of the mannequins’ heads. You can also loot med spawns through other stores nearby like Morphines, Salewas, and other stims.

There are also hidden stashes outside of the mall if you can loot them on your way to the extraction point.

For other maps, you still have a decent chance of getting Cowboy Hats since most maps spawn a lot of Scavs.

In Factory, you can even hang around the map after eliminating all PMCs and farm as many Scavs as you can until you get a Cowboy Hats. However, this requires you to actually eliminate the PMCs in a raid to have the whole map to yourself.