Earning money is difficult in Harvest Moon One World. It is because of the limitations brought by stamina and the short day cycles. While it is obvious how to get money, there are a ton of tips you can follow to maximize efficiency and get more money at the end of the day. This guide will show you how to earn money fast in Harvest Moon One World.

Best Crops to Farm for Money

Chamomile Seed Location

Throughout your playthrough, you will be exploring new villages as you complete your storyline quest. At every progression point, the best crops obtain will always be flowers. They are twice as valuable as grown vegetables and takes the same time to bloom. These flowers are far more efficient if your goal is to get money.

But the next question is… which flowers? As previously mentioned, you will be progressing through the story and as you get to other villages, there will always be better crops to grow which includes flowers and vegetables. There are vegetables in Lebkuchen that are more valuable than flowers in Callison. So the best flowers will grow will be at the latest village.

If you have already unlocked the sprinkler or tools upgrades to help you farm more, you can literally farm all the Harvest Wisps with all your stamina.

Edelweiss Seeds – Lebkuchen

Edelweiss Seeds Location

Edelweiss Seeds are my favorite go-to crops for earning money. The location is quite far from the farm and teleporter in Lebkuchen so it will take some time to get it. The reward is great once you unlock the seeds to grow these. It will be sold at 1,200G each and the seeds only cost 500G each.

Pink Marguerite Seeds – Callison

Pink Margeruite Seeds Location

For the early game, Pink Marguerite Seeds are the best ones to go after. It is directly near Callison’s portal so it will be easy to get. You also get more grass while farming these so it is an additional bonus.

Killer Tomato Seeds – Salmiakki

Killer Tomato Seed Location

Killer Tomato Seeds are kind of rare to get but if you happen to unlock the seed at the shop, they are profitable. This is because it can grow three times in a single seed. Each costs around 700G and it gives the most return if you want a more consistent farming method.

Lilac Spinach Seeds – Lebkuchen

Lilac Spinach Seed Location

This one is easier to obtain but the spawn rate is low even on the right time. It is located just above the farm in Lebkuchen. It spawns with some grass seeds and chickpea seeds too. It gives you at least 1,100G per Lilac Spinach sold.

Romanesco Seeds – Salmiakki

Romanesco Seed Location

Romanesco Seeds are the most valuable among the crops on the list. It gives you at least 1,400G each but it is hard to farm because of its low spawn rate. I’ve been to this spot at 2:00 pm when I first caught it but it does not spawn consistently.

How to Unlock Seeds in Shops

The next step is unlocking these seeds in the general store. The seeds for a specific crop will be unlocked in the general store after planting and harvesting them a specific number of times. I have not yet found out the exact number of how many are needed as I might have planted a few seeds before collecting data.

It took me less than a season to unlock the Edelweiss seeds in the general store after farming it every day in Lebkuchen. The number would probably be less than 30 times and you should start immediately with the high-value crops listed.

Best Farming Strategy (Current Story Progress – Postgame Marriage)

Edelweiss Price

With all the high-value crops listed above, I specifically chose Edelweiss because it is easy to get with a high spawn rate. It gives the most value as long as you tend to it consistently unlike Killer Tomatoes where you can just leave your sprinklers and harvest them.

Edelweiss 99 Sold 1

Planting seeds takes a ton of time and Killer Tomatoes excels in reducing that time by a huge amount. However, Edelweiss seeds are easier to unlock. I used the farm near the Harvest Goddess so that I do not have to worry about planting it during the off-season. It also has the most number of farming tiles in all the farm locations in the game.

My best farming route (Current Story Progress – Salmiakki Village)

My farm is located under the Lebkuchen bakery where Laura and Tristan works. At this point, this location is the most efficient for getting through the world. All the memory portals are unlocked except for Salmiakki. My routine and route for farming money are as follows:

7:00 am – Graze my animal barn and ride the camel

7:00 am to 10:00 am – grab all the Harvest Wisps on the west side of Lebkuchen

10:00 am to 1:00 pm – start riding back towards the east side of Lebkuchen and grab all the Harvest Wisps

Red Rose Seeds Location

1:00 pm to 3:00 pm – go through the desert and pass by Malika (giving her chamomile flowers). Ride by her house near the oasis and grab 2 red rose seeds. Go down near the farm located in the desert. There will be 2 more red rose seeds and some fodder corn. Head up to the Pastilla village. Grab the cannonball seed and 2 chamomile seeds behind Saeed’s place. It is important that you do not go past 3:00 pm at this point or the chamomile seed will disappear.

Camel Riding

3:00 pm – 5:00 pm – Go to Halo Halo and grab all the clams and coconuts. Also, get the coffee beans in the middle (give Ahina some coffee in the process). Grab the hibiscus plants near the Halo Halo farm location. One thing to note is that the coconuts and coffee beans grow every 6 days so the speed of this section varies.

5:00 pm – 7:00 pm – I will leave my camel here and portal out to Callison. Go up and grab the Harvest Wisps (usually grass seeds are the only ones left depending on the time). Move up and give roses to Gabrielle. Grab the romaine lettuce above Gabrielle’s house if it is there.

How to Earn Money

The route ends here as some Harvest Wisps disappear during the night and it gives me time to tend to my farm and animals. The routine is fixed but the route differs depending on what I need. I was able to get around 19,060 after 2 days even if the other crops have yet to bloom.

The speed of the route improves without gift-giving and coconut/coffee farming. You can skip the Callison route to get more Harvest Wisps in Salmiakki if you have unlocked the teleport marker there.

Tips and Tricks for Money

Harvest Moon 4

If you find yourself with so many eggs in stock, fry it and sell it. Each egg sells for 100 coins and if you fry them, they will sell for 300 coins each instead. You should prioritize having 5 chicken livestock in your barn as you get so much money or stamina filling food from these.

Farming ores, stones, and gems are not efficient for making money. If you do want to try it, make sure to refine them in Doc Jr’s house. Even if they cost money to refine, selling them refined will still be more profitable than selling them raw.

While the desert can be stamina draining, you can just focus on the red rose seeds. The route from Malika’s house and hugging the south side of the desert all the way to Halo Halo will already give you 5 red rose seeds.

Cooking and selling them for money is also profitable but it requires you to unlock the recipes first.

It is better to tend to your crops before going to sleep if you plan on farming a lot of seeds. You can leave your horse or camel anywhere and they will teleport back to your animal barn the next day after you bring them all back from grazing.

Make sure to have your inventory space increased by progressing through the story. If you have not unlocked all the quality-of-life inventions, it is better to progress through the story than start farming a ton of Harvest Wisps.

Another helpful tip is from a bug (?) in the game that you should remember. With the sprinklers unlocked, it will start to water your plants every 6:00 am to 7:00 am. The bug is when you wake up at 6:00 am and you go to your farm, the sprinklers will water your farm. But, if you have two farm plots like the one near the Harvest Goddess, the other farming plot will not get watered completely.

This is because the game takes some time to load everything after waking up and when the timer reaches 7:00 am, the sprinkler will stop before loading the whole farming plot. They end up being dry in the end. To combat this, you need to go to both farming plots from 6:00 am to 6:59 am to load everything first completely.

If you wake up past 7:00 am, you have no problems since they will all be watered by then.


There are still plenty of ways to improve my own route but you can follow the tips and improve them to your liking. I will continue to upgrade this if a better way shows up. As long as you are efficient with how you use stamina and avoid eating expensive food, you will surely gain enough money to buy anything in the game.