Platinum and Titanium ores are the next tiers of minerals you need to get for completing requests and making upgrades. They are hard to obtain because of their absurdly low drop rate. Thankfully, they are not needed in high amounts. This guide will teach you the best way on how to get platinum and titanium in Harvest Moon One World.

Upgrading Your Harvesting Tools

Master Hammer Unlock

Firstly, you need to upgrade your hammer to be able to get platinum ores from mines. If you have gone through the mines, you would see orange crystals that you break for ores and gems. Smashing these orange crystals can get you titanium ores at an extremely low rate that is not even worth doing.

However, if you have gone past floor 20, you will see a ton of silver crystals that are harder to break. These can be mined by upgrading your hammer to the next tier. Even then, it takes 2-3 hits before breaking one silver crystal and you might end up getting silver and gold ores from these as well.

If you need to know how to upgrade your tools first, go to the first mine and talk to the miner (Dva) to get the request that unlocks the upgrade recipe. Complete the request and use silver to upgrade your hammer before adventuring to floors 21 and above in the mines.

Best Mine to Get Platinum and Titanium

Lebkuchen Mine

The best mine to go for is the one in Lebkuchen. While it will be hard to traverse to floor 21, it is the most efficient route. This is because orange crystals here can drop titanium but at a low rate. There are fewer glass and crystals while adding more rare gems like emerald, sapphire, ruby gemstones.

If you want to look for platinum and titanium ores exclusively, the Lebkuchen mine is the best location. However, you need to prepare for a long grind as these floors are vaster and contain harder crystals or minerals to break.

Other Gems to Mine

Raw Agate Gemstones

Raw Agate Gemstone

Raw Emerald Gemstones

Raw Emerald Gemstone

Raw Jade Gemstones

Raw Jade Gemstone

Raw Ruby Gemstones

Raw Ruby Gemstone

Most of these are used to fulfill requests that give great rewards. I noticed these requests only show up when you have finished the story in Salmiakki. Kirsi usually asks for these especially rubies. They are also used for some upgrades and it is also Samantha’s favorite gift.

If you want to improve your relationship with Samantha, farm these and refine them. You will need to unlock the refining of rare ores by talking to the miner outside Pastilla’s mine. Refine these gems before giving them to Samantha.

What Are Platinum and Titanium Used For?

While master harvester and farming tools are upgraded with silver, platinum and titanium are used to unlock inventions from Doc Jr. They are also needed for upgrading your house, animal barn, and more significant upgrades. It is best to have these in stock just in case the Doc calls and you can get the latest invention immediately.

Tips and Tricks to Farm Rare Ores

The mines are incredibly large as you reach floor 21. Each floor might eat up 1-4 stamina hearts before getting to the next floor. It is best to increase your stamina first before going to the mines. You can also bring a ton of food to recover stamina. Fried eggs are the best choice as they are easy to get if you know how to get livestock.

I found it more efficient to just drop down a floor and use more cooked meals to recover. If you have an unlimited stock of food to recover stamina, time will be your main problem. There are times where I start mining floor 21 at 10 am and only end up on floor 28 at 2 am.

If you destroy a crystal and you see a crack under it after it disappears, recover enough stamina and step on it. This will move you to the next floor. If the ladder shows up, take it immediately before farming every single crystal on the floor. This method is far more efficient.

All the ores drop in this area so it will take up a ton of your space. Make sure you have increased your bag space and have room for at least 12 different items. You will be farming bronze, iron, gold, silver, titanium, platinum, and all the other gems. These will take at least half a page of your inventory space. Store your unnecessary items before going to the mine when you are planning to go the whole day farming.


These ores are hard to find even on high floors. When you start farming, make sure you are prepared and farm as many ores and gems as you can. It is better to have plenty of these in stock rather than going back and forth to farm ores. Collecting Harvest Wisps for seeds will be your main goal on most days when you reach the tail end of the game.