As not everything is linear in Harvest Moon One World, you might end up needing resources such as iron, bronze, glass, and crystals to unlock important upgrades like the kitchen upgrade. This guide will teach you an efficient way on how to get iron, bronze, glass, and crystal in Harvest Moon One World.

Buying a Hammer From the Shop

Old Hammer

At this point, you should have already purchased the hammer along with the axe from the general store. This is already required to help your routes by clearing rocks. If you have not acquired the hammer yet, you can buy it for 1,000 coins from the general store shop.

This is the only hammer you need to purchase for all the mining in the game. You will just need to upgrade your tools by talking to the miner (Dva) in the first grove (the area between Callison and Halo Halo). Each upgrade will require you to progress at a certain point in the story to have the request show up with Dva.

If you have recently finished a request on the same day, you will have to wait until the next day to check if there is another upgrade request available from Dva.

How to Find the Mine

Mines Ladder Down

You need to finish the main storyline for the first area so that the bridge to the east can be repaired. The quests are simple, and the first area is merely a tutorial for everyone as the game slowly introduces new mechanics. Once you finish the main storyline with Braden’s long chain of requests, you will be able to head east through the waterfall bridge.

In this area, you will encounter an intersection in the middle if you keep following the path. The one going up is where the wedding hall will be located. Keep going straight and follow the path. The next road you see that leads you north will be the entrance to the mines. You will see an NPC at the entrance but you can enter the cave freely.

Obtaining Iron and Bronze Ores

Once you have the hammer and found the mine entrance, you can start farming the rocks inside it. You will be able to get iron ores and bronze ores from these rocks. The areas are small and gets bigger every time you go down a floor.

The ladder going down will show up once you destroy a specific mineable rock with a hole under it. It is completely random as well. In almost all scenarios, you would want to destroy all the mines on the current floor. This way is more efficient in stamina consumption which will be needed to save more trips to the mine.

Obtaining Raw Glass and Raw Crystal Gemstones

For glass and crystals, they are farmed the same way as iron and bronze ores but have a lower rate from farming these mines. From 1 trip of farming the mines in the early game, I was able to get 14 iron, 8 bronze, 6 glass, and 4 crystals.

Use the same strategy and if you need more glass and crystals, you can always get them the next day. Make sure your farms are attended to everyday.

How to Smelt These Ores

Docs Inventions

After acquiring these materials, you will still need to smelt or refine them so that they can be used. If you go back to the start where Doc Jr’s house is located, you will be able to smelt or refine them through the Doc’s machine for a price. The costs are the following:

  • Iron ore to iron – 40 coins each
  • Bronze ore to bronze – 40 coins each
  • Raw glass gemstones to glass – 50 coins each
  • Raw crystal gemstones to crystals – 200 coins each

Tips and Tricks to Farming Ores and Gemstones

It is best to farm for ores when you have already unlocked the increase in inventory space to save a lot of trips. This is because you should be carrying some food for stamina as well. You will be tending to your farms and animal barn before going to the mine so your stamina will be drained before you even start.

You can also choose to farm in the mine when it is raining. You can leave your bountiful harvest for a day if it is raining. You do have to take note that different villages or areas have different weathers. If you have multiple farm plots in different villages to attend to, you need to make sure it is also raining there.

For the early game, a ton of glass might be needed if you plan on planting a ton of crops and use multiple farm plots when playing. This is because you will need the sprinklers and the starter sprinklers will only have a 1-tile range. Using a big farm plot, like the one in Halo Halo, will require you to craft at least 12 or more sprinklers to manage them all.

These sprinklers are upgraded with Doc Jr’s “Doc Crafts” requests. Only the last (4th) upgrade will require crystals so until then, you will be using a ton of glass to craft these.


While these are not needed in bulk at the start of the game, you do not have to worry about getting a lot. As long as you get what you need as I am assuming you will be farming it first to get the kitchen upgrade for your house. Others will be used for villager requests which give you a good reward and increase friendship levels.