While venturing out in the world, you might have encountered trees and stones that are too hard for your tools to cut or break. This is because you need to upgrade them first.

It is not that clear when you can upgrade your tools as it is not part of the main storyline (it should) but, you need to do a specific request and it will not show up if you do not interact with the quest giver. This guide will show you how to upgrade tools in Harvest Moon One World.

Find Dva for the Request

Dva First Upgrade

Dva is the miner just outside the entrance of the first mine. It is located towards the east of Callison and the west of Halo Halo. Once you find Dva, he will offer you a request and teach you how to upgrade your tools once you complete it. Dva will be the one that gives you all the upgraded tools even if there are other mines in the game.

Fulfilling the Requests

Upgrade your farm tools – 1st part

Upgrade Your Farm Tools 1

The first request from Dva will unlock upgrade your hoe and watering can. To finish the request, you need 5 refined bronze pieces and deliver them to Dva. This is easy as getting bronze is the second easiest mineral to get in the game.

Once you have finished the request, you will need to wait a day until the next request shows up. You will also need to upgrade your tools on your workbench as this request just unlocks the recipe. The upgrade improves your watering can and hoe by watering and tilling soil 3 tiles at a time.

Upgrade your farm tools – 2nd part

Upgrade Your Farm Tools 2

The second part will require 5 pieces of refined gold. This is obtained through floors 11 and above in the first mine. You can also get them in all the other mines on any floor. Once you unlock these upgrades, your hoe and watering can will be able to water or till 6 tiles at a time.

Upgrading your harvesting tools

Dva Upgrade Your Harvesting Tools 1

For the most needed upgrade, this 3rd request from Dva will unlock the expert harvesting tool recipes. It will unlock the upgrades for your hammer, axe, and fishing rod. To finish the request, you will need 5 pieces of refined silver. Silver is obtained the same way gold is obtained. Just farm floors 11 and above of the first mine or go to any other mine.

Upgrade Harvesting Tools 2

The fourth request is the master upgrade which improves your hammer, axe, and fishing rod even more. This is needed to get platinum and titanium faster since the minerals in floor 21 and above takes around 2-4 hits to break. If you plan on unlocking the shortcut to floor 31 and above, this upgrade is mandatory or you will not be able to reach it before it hits the next day.

Tips and Tricks for Farming Ores

Start by collecting enough food to last you long enough to farm at least 10 floors worth of ores. After reaching the next 10 floors, it unlocks a shortcut for the next time you go through the same mine. Floor 21 of the mine in Pastilla will contain nothing but silver minerals. These minerals will give you a chance at titanium and platinum ores which are needed in the future for upgrades.

If you have a ton of food to spare, it is better to fall down than climb down the ladder to progress through the floors. Why? This is because time will be your enemy here. If you manage to go past 2 am, you are endangering your condition for the next day already. Mining hard silver minerals will take at least 3 smashes with the upgraded hammer so it will take time to progress 10 floors.

Falling down from the rubble will reduce your stamina by 1 heart. Make sure your stamina is always above 2 hearts so you can stay safe from exhaustion. You can progress through the story to increase your stamina as well.

If you are farming, make sure your inventory space is upgraded. Getting a ton of ores and gems will take a lot of inventory space and you still need space for food.


Upgrading these tools is required if you want to upgrade your home or farm better materials. Upgrading your home will require titanium and cedar lumber. Both are acquired through upgraded tools. Although titanium can be farmed through regular orange minerals, they have an absurdly low drop rate so it is not at all efficient.