Cedar Lumber is needed for quite a few things. Mainly, it is used for the first house upgrade. Luckily for you, Cedar Lumber can be farmed naturally as these tall-looking trees can be found in Salmiakki.

This guide will show you where and how to get Cedar Lumber in Harvest Moon One World.

What is Cedar Lumber Used for?

House Upgrade Harvest Moon One World

Cedar Lumber is used for upgrading your house for the first time. This upgrade gives you another pet slot and an additional pet bowl. It also triggers some new workbench upgrades from Doc Jr which is different from Doc’s Crafts. It unlocks new furniture and decorations for the house.

Cedar Lumber Revive the Aurora Festival

The next use for Cedar Lumber is completing requests. The most notable one will be unlocking the Aurora Festival in the town of Salmiakki. You need 10 Cedar Lumber for this and once it unlocks, you will have a new festival to celebrate with your loved one. You just have to check your calendar for the exact day once it unlocks and you will be reminded by Vitae a week before it happens.

Where to Get Cedar Lumber

Salmiakki Town

Cedar Lumber is farmed north of Salmiakki with a large open area full of Harvest Wisps, truffles, trees, and stones. There is also a tiger here that you can tame. The trees in this area give Cedar Lumber and it could be enough for all the upgrades you need. It looks like taller than usual trees and you will start to notice it after farming your first Cedar Lumber.

General Shop – Cedar Sprouts

Cedar Sprout

You can also plant your own Cedar trees if you want them closer to you. It will take half a month to grow though so if you want to get it immediately, go farm it in Salmiakki. It will also be quite expensive as it is around 1,500G each and it does not regrow once you have farmed it. So one Cedar Sprout that has fully grown will give you only 2 pieces of Cedar Lumber. If you want tips on how to earn money fast, you need to unlock expensive crop seeds in the general shop.

Buy these Cedar Sprouts and plant them within your farming route to remember. You can also plant it near your current farm and you will remember to get it every time you go out to explore.


These are easy to get as it is one type of lumber that grows naturally in Salmiakki town. Compared to other lumber like Maple and Ebony which will both be needed for the last house upgrade. Make sure you have your upgraded tools because you will not be able to cut it down with your upgraded axe.