With such a limited bag space at the start, you will need to store your unused items as frequently as possible until you increase your inventory space. It can be a taxing job since you need to go back and forth which costs you a ton of stamina. This guide will show you how to store items in Harvest Moon One World.

Where to Store Items


Once you have placed your home including your animal barn and everything else, you will have your own drawer and refrigerator to store items you have collected. Obviously, you store all the food you have inside your refrigerator.

For everything else, you can store it inside your home’s drawer. Oddly enough, this includes materials such as minerals, lumber, flowers, and even your animal’s composite or stools.

Storage Limits

Since items stack all the way up to 99, it is almost impossible to reach the storage limit on your refrigerator and drawer. While items such as fertilizers, fish bait, and animal food might take up a lot of space in the long run since they are always high in numbers, you will still have enough space for every item in the game to store.

Large Refrigerator Upgrade

There are storage upgrades like a bigger refrigerator and drawer. You need to finish Doc Jr’s Workshop request chain to unlock the recipe for them first. After that, you need to collect the materials for the upgrade including money. Like previously mentioned, these are not necessary as the standard storage space can handle most of your items.

Unless you start looking for all kinds of seeds early and making some delicious meals without selling them, you might need the upgrade. But at this point, you should already be a few years ahead so it is best to progress through the story first to unlock all the quality of life features such as sprinklers, the Harvest Goddess farm plot, and better harvesting and farming tools.

Tips and Tricks for Item Management

Animal Farm Home

Once you have your livestock growing in numbers, it is best to keep all your animal food in hand. Every day, you will be feeding your animals as the containers for their food are limited and each animal eats a slot of animal food each even the chicks.

This is important especially if you have animals like horses and camels that you can ride outside. If they are sick, you will not be able to take them out from grazing.

Another item you should always keep is fertilizers. Since you are also tending to your crops every day, you would want to fertilize all your crops. While it is not mandatory, it is great for making more money and doing requests. You can prioritize crops that are needed for requests if you want to save some fertilizers.

Fertilizer Machine

Other than these items, you should keep one specific food to eat that is high in numbers. Usually, these are all types of eggs, coconut milk, and vegetable salads. Make sure to cook these eggs to improve the stamina gain from consuming them. Use the single yolk recipe to be efficient since the other recipes give the same amount of stamina.


At the start, it will feel like an insane grind because of the limited inventory space you have. These tips will help you manage it more as you get the inventory increase upgrade from your mother. While that should be the priority at the start, you can lessen the types of crops you are harvesting until you get the upgrade.