Stamina is the biggest mechanic you need to manage in Harvest Moon One World. Performing daily tasks like nurturing and feeding your animals, planting and fertilizing crops, finishing requests, and improving relationships all cost stamina. You need to be better at managing it and the only way is by being efficient.

This guide will show you how to increase stamina in Harvest Moon One World.

How Stamina Works

Stamina Condition Tips 2

Stamina is quite hard to manage in Harvest Moon One World. Not only does the time fly quickly but also, your stamina usually cannot keep up with the pace of your daily tasks. You can eat to raise your stamina but you will be going in circles struggling to progress further in the game.

Tired Notification

You always need to be wary of your stamina because you can pass out at any given time when you see the exact notification above. It is still possible to plant at least 3-4 more seeds when you see this but do not risk it. If you end up passing out, your body will be in a bad condition tomorrow and it will end up hurting your efficiency more.

When you pass out, planting 2-3 seeds and watering them the next day will already deplete your stamina by half a heart.

How to Increase Your Stamina

First Harvest Sprite

As you may already know from the story, each village has a Harvest Sprite you need to resurrect. Each time you finish the main storyline for a village, you end up resurrecting the Harvest Sprite and in return, you get a medallion or a token from them. If you progress to the next day, Vitae will gift you an extra full heart to your maximum stamina with the power of the Harvest Goddess.

The questlines are quite long for each village and if you are near the end, might as well prioritize it to get your extra stamina heart.

Tips and Tricks For Gaining Stamina

Cooking Eggs Harvest Moon One World

The best food you can eat for stamina is eggs. Once you have 5 fully grown chickens in your animal barn, you will get a couple of eggs almost every day. When you unlock the kitchen, you can cook these eggs into fried eggs for each egg. Refrain from cooking the one above. It is completely useless since all types of fried eggs will give you 1 heart of stamina. For tips on how to get livestock or hatching eggs for more chicken, click the link.

Desert Stamina Exhaustion

Before exploring the desert, it is best to have around 16,000 coins in hand. This is so that you can purchase the camel immediately from the livestock dealer in Pastilla. Roaming around the world while riding your camel or horse will save you a ton of stamina.

Walking and running all over the place will decrease your stamina and if you are in the desert, you need to always have food and a rideable animal like a camel or a horse.

The best strategy is to drop down from your Camel at each Harvest Wisps instead of leaving it somewhere near and walking to all the nearby Harvest Wisps and going back. The less you run, the more stamina you save.

When you are farming iron or bronze inside the mine, you need to bring food since the bulk of the stones are on the deeper floors. It saves a lot of time if you bring food rather than going back and forth.

Another thing to note is that if you stay up until the next day at 6 am, it will automatically turn to the next day’s cycle. This means that if you fail to sleep before 6 am, your body will be exhausted for the whole day. It works the same as passing out. The problem here is that you need to tend to your crops and animals with exhaustion.


There is nothing wrong with tending to all your crops and animals for a whole day. You can always stop planting if you want to progress more instead of hoarding a bunch of resources for money. The best strategy is to focus on one objective at a time.

If you are needing money, harvest seeds and tend to your crops. If you want to increase your relationship or explore, you need to wait for a rainy weather or just focus on planting a few seeds so your stamina will not get depleted by noon.