Adamantite ores are the hardest ores to farm in Harvest Moon One World. They are used for a lot of important upgrades to improve your farm life. There are a ton of requirements to unlock first before getting your hands on some Adamantite. This guide will teach you how to get Adamantite in Harvest Moon One World.

What is Adamantite Used For?

Great Ancestors’ Challenge 3

Great Ancestors Challenge 3

If you are wondering how to unlock bigger houses and animal barns, you will need to complete the Great Ancestors’ Challenge 3 request by Doc Jr. first. You will need 2 Adamantite to finish it and it unlocks these important upgrades to better customize your farm.

Huge Animal Barn Upgrade

Huge Animal Barn Upgrade 2

The last animal barn upgrade will need 5 Adamantite, 4 Maple Lumber, and the previous animal barn upgrade. You will be able to get more livestock with the upgrade and in return, improve your farming cycle with more fertilizers.

Huge House Upgrade

Huge House Upgrade 2

The last house upgrade also needs 5 Adamantite, 4 Ebony Lumber, and the previous house upgrade to craft. It gives you another pet slot and a bigger space to work with inside your home. This will be needed to live with your loved one after marrying which will be the main priority in the postgame.

Where to Get Adamantite

Lebkuchen Mine Floor 61

Adamantite is found only on floors 61 and above of the Lebkuchen mine. The one near the volcano. It will be a long grind to get to that floor and the legendary hammer upgrade is mandatory at this point. You need to upgrade your tools to the max level before unlocking floor 61. While you can tough it out with a weaker hammer, you will not be able to farm the next floors.

After getting the upgrade and unlocking floor 61, you will notice that gold crystals or minerals have started showing up. Roughly 50% of the minerals are still silver crystals which do not drop Adamantite so it will make it harder.

To top it off, the drop rate of Adamantite on farming these gold crystals is extremely low because they also drop all the other ores in the game. It is incredibly frustrating so you will need a few all-night trips to get enough Adamantite for all the upgrades.

Other Gems that Drop

Raw Phosphophyllite Gemstone

Raw Phosphophyllite Gemstone

Raw Alexandrite Gemstone

Raw Alexandrite Gemstone

These are some of the gems that are only obtained through floors 61 and above like Adamantite. They can give you some money if you refine them before selling them.

Tips and Tricks for Farming Adamantite

After spending 4 full days of farming floor 61, I noticed that I always end up finding the way to the next floor by only smashing the gold crystals. Whether it’s through a hole or a ladder, I never end up in a dead-end where I need to start smashing silver crystals to find my way down. Maybe it was luck but there can be more than two holes that can spawn to lead you down to the next floor.

This leads to another tip which is bringing stamina recovery items. At this point, you will already have 9 stamina hearts to work with and it is not enough. I usually bring around 30+ fried eggs because I have too many chickens. It is cheap and it is enough even for the postgame content.

Since you will be using a hole to get down the floors, you need to recover stamina consistently to avoid exhaustion.


Adamantite is the ore needed for Doc’s upgrades (even he said so). Farming enough of these just to acquire the upgrades for the house and animal barn should be enough. These are not profitable when you try farming them for money. If you need more tips on how to earn money fast, it is better to farm valuable crops than spend the whole day mining.