Like all Harvest Moon games, managing your inventory space can be hard. You are only given a limited amount of space in your inventory especially at the start of the game when you are learning the basics. It prevents you from ramping up money quickly and expanding faster than the story.

This guide will teach you how to increase bag space in Harvest Moon One World.

What is Inventory Space?

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To avoid confusion, this will be your backpack or your current inventory where you can bring wherever you go. Storage spaces are different but you should have no trouble with their holding capacities anyway. You have a refrigerator to hold up all the food and a drawer that can hold all the flowers, ores, or everything else not related to food.

Finishing the 2nd Location Storyline

The story progresses by finishing quests marked as purple. Every time you finish a purple quest in a chain, you will see that it connects every area together. If you find yourself lost, you were probably not listening to the dialogue and you just need to keep moving to the next area to get a new main quest.

When you reach the beach and meet Kanoa and Ahina, you will receive quests from them. Once you end up getting the Oak Lumber request to fix up the pier for the fishermen, you will be prompted to go back to your mom by Doc Jr. You will be asked to give your mom a gift back because that is the unwritten rule.

Mountain Fields Crops Quest

As time passes on, you will get more quests from Kanoa and Ahina soon. This includes Ahina’s coffee bean quest and Doc Jr’s harvesting crop in the mountain fields quest. This finishes the storyline in the beach area and you will be prompted again by Doc Jr to check on your mom.

This will give you another upgrade to your inventory space. The 2nd bag upgrade will double your space by including another page of inventory space. This is the best upgrade to improve your efficiency so you better get to work finishing this quest immediately.

There are two available bag upgrades that will increase your bag space up to 3 pages. Just progress through the story and each time Doc Jr calls to remind you to check on your mother, that will be the indicator that a bag upgrade is available.

Increasing Inventory Space

Bag Tips

After going back to your original home, you will end up talking to your mom and she will give you the upgrade for your inventory to increase the space it carries by 10. Although that is not a lot, it still helps you gather everything up while carrying a bunch of seeds at the same time.

Even without giving your mom a gift, it will already trigger the event where your mom gives you the bag upgrade. I still gave her a bunch of fruits and flowers but I got nothing in return. In the end, it is all fine as these items are easily obtained anyway.

Tips and Tricks for Item Management

While Harvest Sprites are unlimited since they are the ones that give you the seeds for planting, it is still wise to not let them go to waste. If you have a full inventory, interacting with a Harvest Sprite will make them disappear without giving you the seed.

These Harvest Sprites have a fixed spawn for each seed and the only thing randomized is their spawn rate. The day, time, season matter for some of these seeds so keep an eye out for valuable seeds that you may need.

Through my playthrough, I only kept fertilizers and animal food in my inventory at all times. The stack number is high and they are used daily which saves a lot of time from going back and forth from your home’s drawer to your other farm plots.

You can sell directly to the shop if you do not want to wait a full day to get your money. It frees up inventory space when you need them. Your home is not always conveniently located to what you need so selling items might be the best way to clear space if you want to be efficient. It gives the same amount of money from selling to Samantha’s shipping bin.


Inventory management is crucial in being efficient in Harvest Moon One World. Stamina is consumed incredibly fast and you want to min/max your routes if you are ever going to start managing more than 2 farm plots. You can eat some food to increase stamina but it defeats the purpose of trying to earn some money to progress so it is better to be more efficient.