Red Roses are valuable flowers in the mid-game to earn money fast. It is also needed for the flower festival questline in Pastilla. They are also abundant and easy to get since they are all close to each other. This short guide will show you how to get red roses in Harvest Moon One World.

Red Rose Seeds Location

These flowers are only found in the town of Pastilla. Since the desert is extremely hard to explore because of the stamina drain from the heat, you need to memorize the location of the red rose seeds. The easiest ones are found near Malika’s tent in the Oasis.

There are two red rose seeds here. One to the left of the tent and one near the Pastilla Memory Portal. If you are lazy to traverse the desert for more, these two seeds are enough to farm daily since they are conveniently located near the portal.

The next red rose seed locations are towards the south of the tent. Once you reach the edge going south, go east and follow the path leading you to Halo Halo. You will find two more seeds here although they spawn at a specific time so it might be less consistent. The last seed will be in the middle of the desert. It is directly under the town of Pastilla so if you head south from the livestock dealer, you will see the red rose seed spawn there.

What are Red Roses Used for?

Gabrielle Loving Gift

Other than the flower festival questline where you need 8 red roses, these red roses are also Gabrielle’s favorite gift. If you want to improve your relationship with Gabrielle and hope on marrying her someday, you need to give these to her daily. It is easy since there is a lot of seed spawns each day.

Just refrain from giving it all to her in a single day. I tried giving her around 12 in one day and the relationship did not improve at all.

Other than that, they are valuable when sold and easy to farm since their spawn location is near the memory portal of Pastilla.


These are the easiest flower to get but only if you remember to teleport to Pastilla every day and grab the ones near Malika’s tent. Grabbing these consistently will give you enough red roses to earn you money and give Gabrielle once a day. By winter, I was able to max out my relationship with Gabrielle with my money farming route.