The grass is one of the most essential crops to grow in Harvest Moon One World. They are needed in high quantities and you might constantly find yourself lacking grass. It is important for your crops as well as it indirectly gives you fertilizers which is essential to the farming cycle. This guide will teach you how to get more grass in Harvest Moon One World.

What is Grass Used For?

As mentioned above, it is essential to the farming cycle. The grass is used to make animal food with the windmill invention by Doc Jr. Firstly, you need to get livestock so you can have someone to feed. In return, you get composite or fertilizer from your animals when they eat. These are used to help crops grow faster. Fertilizing your crops is also needed when the crops you are growing are out of season or in a different field.

Where to Get Grass

Grass Seed Location 1 – Lebkuchen

Grass Seeds Location

This spot in the picture above gives 2-3 grass seeds in the area. You can also collect walnuts from the trees and even plant your own type of tree you want to farm. Since you will be going here daily, it will be efficient to plant a tree here. You also get chickpea seeds in this area at the right time.

Grass Seed Location 2 – Lebkuchen

Grass Seeds Location 2

The next spot is just to the right of the first location in Lebkuchen. There are 2-3 more grass seeds here depending on the time. You can also get endive seeds here which are needed for some requests. Just going through Lebkuchen’s two grass spots will be enough depending on how many animals you have. If you have an upgraded animal barn, you will probably need more.

Grass Seed Location 3 – Callison

Grass Seeds Location 3

In this spot just near the Callison portal, you will be able to get 4 more grass seeds. They despawn at 5:00 pm so it is best to go here early. There are more seeds here and if you go up to Gabrielle’s place, you can get white eggplant seeds and more. If you go up near the bridge, there will be a romaine lettuce seed as well.

You can also have roses in your inventory if this will be your daily route. These roses are Gabrielle’s favorite and you can improve your relationship with her as you farm these grass seeds every day.

Tips and Tricks

If you have a lot of tasks on your plate, you can just opt for the grass seeds near Callison. It takes around 30 minutes (in-game time) to get them all and it is directly at the portal location.

You can use fertilizers on the grass crops as well. It is still efficient to use fertilizer on them as a bigger farm means you already have a lot of livestock (should have) to tend to. This will give you a surplus in composites for fertilizers anyway.

Never sell your grass to the shipping bin. They are practically worthless and end up hurting you in the long run. It is nice to have a ton of grass in stock so you can have more time to explore.


You might have already found these spots on your own but you should know that their spawns are fixed. You should always remember to get a few each day and if you are running low on stock, you should farm more than usual. There are more spots that have grass seeds but the locations mentioned above are the densest spots for grabbing them.