Ebony Lumber might be only needed for a few things but these are important things you need to progress in the postgame. While there are a lot of wood types found in the game, Ebony Lumber can be farmed naturally without growing your own trees. This guide will show you where and how to get Ebony Lumber in Harvest Moon One World.

What Are Ebony Lumber Used For?

Huge House Upgrade

The most and only notable need for Ebony Lumber is upgrading your house to a huge house. This is one of the few requirements if you want to know how to get married. The house upgrade gives you more space and the ability to add another bed. It gives you another pet slot and a pet bowl as well. This also triggers the next and last upgrade to your workbench which will come from Doc Jr’s requests.

Where to Get Ebony Lumber

Harvest Goddess Grove – the forest between Halo Halo and Callison

Ebony Lumber is quite scarce because there are only 3 trees that naturally spawn. It is located above the Harvest Goddess location. Once you are near the place with the two banana trees, turn right and follow the path. There will be large stones to break so you would need upgraded tools to break it.

Once you break the rocks, this will be a dead-end with 3 trees that give Ebony Lumber. You can also get a few seeds in this area.

Planting Ebony Trees

Ebony Sprout

Ebony Sprouts can be bought from the general store in Salmiakki and Lebkuchen. You can plant them wherever you want as long as you remember where to farm it once it grows. Each fully grown tree will give you 2 Ebony Lumber and you need to plant two of them for the house upgrade.


Once you get the Ebony Lumber, make sure to farm enough Adamantite because most of the final requests and upgrades need them. It will be hard to farm and since Ebony Lumber could be farmed easily, you should focus more on the Adamantite and earning money for the upgrade cost.