You’re going to need all the troops you can get when it comes to a fight.

Whether you’re fighting back the piglin invasion or trying to siege your opponents base in PVP, the more troops you have the better, and one of the best troops to have are skeletons.

In this article we will teach you how to unlock skeletons in the campaign and then in PVP.

Unlocking Skeletons in the Campaign

There is a distinct difference between unlocking these mobs in the campaign and how they’re unlocked in Versus mode. In campaign it is a little harder to unlock them and keep them unlocked.

To unlock skeletons in the campaign you firstly have to destroy several piglin bases and progress in the story.

After this you will be able to see three new map markers on your map. These are mob homesteads.

Each homestead is home to one of the three mobs and they’re all under piglin siege. You will have to go to each of them and save them, fighting back the piglins and destroying the nearby portal.

Once you do this, you will be able to unlock the spawner for the mob homestead you have saved.

Skeletons are amazing long ranged units and having them is very valuable in a fight. It’s even more important being able to keep them from being deactivated.

How to Keep Skeletons in the Campaign

In the campaign, your mob spawners can be deactivated, making you lose the ability to spawn your zombies, creepers, and skeletons.

In the center of each homestead is a flame of creation.

Homesteads will be attacked by piglins periodically just like villages do. If the piglins destroy a homestead, your spawners will deactivate until you defeat them and repair the flame.

The best way to keep this from happening is to build good defenses around the homestead and preferably upgrade them.

When Foresight announces that the piglins are planning an attack, make sure to check your map to see if a homestead will be attacked. It is better to prioritize defending a homestead instead of a village.

How to Unlock Skeletons in PVP

Unlocking skeletons is far simpler in PVP and can be done pretty much at the start of the match.

You’re going to have to build 3 buildings in this order:

  • Improvement hub
  • Improvement: Gather Diamond
  • Skeleton spawner

Skeletons will cost you diamond for every unit you summon, so you’ll have to unlock the ability to gather this resource and gather quite a bit of it.

You will need lapis too, since it is used for summoning all of your troops. Remember to farm it at the start of the match in PVP.

What to do Next

Now that you have unlocked skeletons as part of your army, you will need a lot of diamond and lapis. Diamond is an ore that spawns in ore veins which can be found throughout the map.

To learn more about different ores, their uses, and where to find them, read our Minecraft Legends ore vein guide.