Minecraft Legends is very different to standard Minecraft, but classic fans will be able to spot a few familiar faces.

While some of the mobs in Minecraft Legends are brand new, there are others that were in the original Minecraft. They’re not present in the same fashion, though. While you may have hid from Creepers in original Minecraft, they’re strong allies in Minecraft Legends.

In this post, we’ll take a look at everything you need to know about mobs in Minecraft Legends, going over both the original

In this article we will look at all the familiar and the new mobs that are being added to Minecraft Legends and talking about their gameplay in more detail.


You will not be fighting back the piglin invasion on your own. To defend the overworld and the many villages you will have allies.

In Minecraft Legends you will find allies in your old enemies. Skeletons, creepers, and zombies will fight by your side.

You will also encounter allays, villagers, horses, and even some new friends!

Familiar Mobs

Like we have said, many mobs you will see in Minecraft Legends will already be familiar to you. Let us start off with our old enemies, now turned friends.

Zombies, skeletons, and creepers will all be members of our army. You will be able to place down spawners from which you summon them for battle.

Mojang Studios, Blackbird Interactive

Zombies are going to be acting like infantry. They can take quite a bit of damage as they run ahead to fight the piglins for us.

Skeletons are the archers. They have little health and will need to be at the very back during a battle. There they will be safe while offering support during our battles.

Creepers will be used as explosives. You will be able to send creepers up to a wall for them to explode and destroy it.

Animal mobs, like turtles, pigs, chickens, and others will also be part of your army.

In the trailers for Minecraft Legends you can see them storming a piglin base alongside you.

Villagers and Allays

Villagers will be those that rely on you to protect them. Just like in the base game, they will live in villages and offer quite a few benefits for working by their side.

Rather than offering you trades, villagers will be offering you resources.

In each village there will be a chest where villagers will be depositing resources and other useful items for you to use.

Mojang Studios, Blackbird Interactive

These resources, along with the ones you gather in the Overworld will be used to build and upgrade the structures you use for defense.

Though you won’t be building these structures block by block.

Allays will be there to do that for you. Not only will they gather resources for you, they will be maintaining and building these structures.

You will be able to have a limited number of regular (blue) allays, which will be used to gather resources. Builder allays (gold) will be building and maintaining your structures.


Golems are certainly one of the most exciting mobs of Minecraft Legends.

They are a brand new mob that has not been seen in Minecraft before. Their designs are based off of various blocks you can find in the game, with each having a different gameplay mechanic.

So far Mojang has confirmed the following types:

  • Stone golem
  • Plank golem
  • Mossy golem
  • Grindstone golem
Mojang Studios, Blackbird Interactive

Just like other mobs, each type of golem will have its own ability and use in battle.

Plank golems are going to be your best friends in the backlines. You can keep them safe there while they deal loads of damage to enemies, but there will certainly be other strategies here.

Stone and grindstone golems will be our front liners, attacking the piglins with the mossy golems healing them.


A special addition to Minecraft Legends will be mounts. In regular Minecraft we are all used to horses being one of our main types of transport, but the new game will expand on that.

The horse is going to be a mount you get at the start, but soon you’ll be able to ride many more mobs.

The spider is going to be a mount that will allow you to scale towers and enemy walls with ease.

There will also be brand new mobs, like big beak and the regal tiger.

Mojang Studios, Blackbird Interactive

The regal tiger is likely going to be one of the fastest mounts, as described by one of the developers of the game.

Big beak looks like a colorful friendly parrot that will be leading you into battle.


There will only be a single type of enemies that we will be fighting in Minecraft Legends. While the Overworld is in utter peace and all of its mobs are our allies, it is the Nether piglins that are a threat.

Of course, the piglins will not just come in a single shape and size.

Just like our allies, there will be plenty of types of piglins for us to fight. Depending on which piglins you are facing you will need different strategies.

Mojang Studios, Blackbird Interactive

The different piglins we can be expecting are:

  • Piggo
  • Bruiser
  • Portal Guard
  • Grunts

Piggo is the renamed and reinvisioned hoglin that aids the piglins in their charges, similar to our grindstone goblins.

The piglins are likely going to have a the same abilities as our golems and allies do, but with their own piglin twists. They will also have their own forts and structures for us to destroy.

You will be able to fight piglins at their bases or as they come after your base in waves.

What to do Next

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