Your troops are everything in Minecraft Legends. While you can certainly give a hand in the fight against the piglins, you will need your allies to do all the hard work for you.

With all the different golems and your other new allies, you may occasionally lose track of all of them.

Since they do not show up on your map like villages do, you will need a way to rally them back to you, so they’d not be lost forever.

How to Summon Troops

Combat melodies is a collective name for all the different mob spawners you can place down in the game and use to summon your allies.

To place these in your hotbar or read more about the mobs you’re spawning you will need to access your journal. Each spawner has different requirements.

As you progress through the story’s main campaign you will be unlocking new mobs and spawners the farther you get, so be sure to check your journal regularly.

Luckily for us, you can build these spawners anywhere on the map.

This means you can have multiple spawners in many different locations. I prefer to have at least one type of mob spawner at each village, aside from the ones at the Well of Fate.

This is important for defending villages.

You can also find your spawners easily by using the compass at the top of your screen. Each spawner will have an icon that looks like the type of mob it spawns, but you will only be able to see nearby spawners.

Spawners that are very far away will not appear on the compass.

How to Recall Your Troops

Traveling and exploring is fun, but it may take a lot of time to get from one village to another. This is why you’ll likely find yourself fast traveling when you need to defend an area.

However, if you haven’t rallied your troops they will not fast travel or follow after you. This is not a problem early game, but late game when you have many you can easily lose a few troops.

This is why having a mob spawner is important.

Approach the nearest mob spawner. You will be given 3 options.

  • Recall
  • Remove
  • Spawn

You’re likely familiar with the spawn option, but this is where you’ll need the recall.

Holding down the recall button will recall all of your troops to the exact spawner you’re interacting with, no matter where they are in the world.

Because of this, it is much safer to leave your troops in a safe area and travel to your next battle location by yourself. That way, your troops won’t get hurt and you can summon them once you’re at your destination.

What to do Next

There will likely be times where you want to reach your next village or outpost quicker, but fast travel is not available to you.

To get there as fast as you can to summon your troops, learn how to use speed wheat to cross the map faster.